Seth might have a drinking problem
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Seth Meyers takes drinking seriously. "We have a prop department that could put apple juice in a Jameson glass. We did not do that." Which leads to Seth getting goofy. Seth gets drunk on St. Patrick's Day. Then Seth and Josh Meyers celebrated a day off by going day-drinking in Brooklyn, and dad joins them to get brunch drunk. Later, Seth and his mom went day drinking. Then we get to drunken singing and shouting, when Seth and Kelly Clarkson go day drinking, and drunk taste-testing, when Seth and Ina Garten go day drinking.
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His claim that mimosas are "champagne omelettes" is factually incorrect.

That would be a royal gin fizz, no?

I didn't scroll through the comments, but could see this one in plain view, and, contrary to the general rule of Youtube comments being awful, it was pretty decent: "man this is the whitest show in the history of television...and i'm white"
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The family ones aren't as goofy as the Kelly Clarkson and Ina Garten ones, which are just joyful. But the way Seth downs drinks is kind of worrisome. On the plus side, I guess -- he doesn't push or ply drinks on others.

But yeah, goofy fun.
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Seth is from Manchester, New Hampshire, where I'm pretty sure day drinking is the official sport.
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oh hey he was on hot ones recently
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[fixed link for Seth & his mom]
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Just happened to catch the Ina Garten one earlier today, and it was pretty great. And she was VERY good-natured. I think maybe he should have apologized for shushing her! But he was very drunk. As someone above said, maybe a bit too much and maybe a bit worrisome. On the other hand, he seems like a level-headed guy and I assume and hope he is generally not a heavy drinker.

I also caught his Hot Ones interview and he is SO focused. He really did a better job following and answering the questions toward the end than many people do with a similar level of distress. (ALSO, it seems the wings were so much bigger and maybe fancier and I wonder if Gordon Ramsey - whose episode you really should see! - really made a deal with Sean to provide wings because he got the old ones when he was on, and he did not hesitate to say how terrible they were, and he did offer to provide them.)
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Totally unrelated to his drinking...
He and his staff bring on public intellectuals surprisingly often for a network late night show (not as much as Comedy Central and the Daily Show but...). A friend was on recently and they were pleasantly surprised that Seth read the book, followed their writing, etc. They said he is really smart and thoughtful and believes it is important to bring such voices on. My friend got a ton of airtime. I was shocked. This friend is Twitter famous and a known commentator on cable news but not anyone that you'd expect to see on network TV.
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This kind of behavior for me and most folks I know that choose to enjoy alcohol is just called life and fun. Because he’s a celebrity on tevee it’s framed a “HIS DRINKING”. I dunno. Feels weird. He seems fine to me. God knows every day survived since November 2016 is a victory worth celebrating.
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Speaking of mimosas, please try my latest creation, the Mimosa Sunrise - equal parts anejo tequila, orange juice, and champagne. It's still a morning drink.
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I love Seth, and I find the day drinking very funny! But...I will admit that I was a little alarmed by the drinking in the Ina Garten segment, because he seemed to be drinking WAY more than Ina. (The chef quote shots, eek!) Kelly Clarkson seemed equally drunk during their bit, which somehow made it less eyebrow-raising.
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I don't understand "day drinking". Do people not usually imbibe before 5pm?

What do you do at a BBQ or at the lake? At baseball game?
Hell, American lagers were basically invented for a long afternoon of yard work.

Is the three martini lunch something else millennials have killed?
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Seth drank a shocking amount of booze with Ina, and downed it with shocking speed. I’d be concerned if I was one of his people on that shoot.
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As a millennial (and I tend to think of us as drunker than Gen X, though I have no data to back that up), I feel like the "day drinking" label carries a connotation of excess and avoiding responsibility. You could have a mimosa for Sunday brunch and still function normally, but having a pitcher of mimosas means you're not gonna be doing anything for the rest of the day. Having a beer or two while you watch an afternoon game on the weekend doesn't especially deserve a "day drinking" label, but having five shots of tequila would. Having a couple of drinks at 2pm, after you've spent the day landscaping, is not noteworthy. Having a couple drinks at 2pm, if you've just started work at 9 and are expected to be productive for several more hours...might merit the day-drinking label.

(Plus I'm starting to get old enough that I feel truly terrible when I drink to excess, so I might be projecting. I would be in SO MUCH pain, ugh. Getting epically day drunk with Ina Garten sounds fun until the sixth drink and
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Most of us have to stay sober during the day because of work, so yes, most of the time people do not start drinking before 5 p.m.
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As a [$RandomGeneration] (and I tend to think of us as drunker than [$OtherRandomGeneration] ...

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Also, they invented sex.
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Colbert does a significant amount of drinking on screen, blaming it often on Trump. Some guests (including oddly enough, Chris Christie), are downright enthusiastic about it. I love what I've seen of Seth's show but sadly, can't stay up late enough for even on of the late night shows and it's already a chore to cram through a week of the Daily Show and Colbert on the DVR. Still, I always find time to catch Meyer's "A Closer Look" segment whenever I can.
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Also, they invented sex.

Wait wait, weren’t they the ones who ruined sex? Or stopped having it? Or started later? Or started earlier? Or did it more often? Or did it less often? Or did it with more partners? Or did it with fewer partners?
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Oh, that too.

(Subscribe to the NYT for more)
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The hot sauce....
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Is the three martini lunch something else millennials have killed?

I think people stopped doing that about 1980?
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Is the three martini lunch something else millennials have killed?

I'm a boomer and I don't think that has existed since my grandfather's time in the 50s.
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A negative power of example a day keeps the rehab away.
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The three martini lunch made a lot more sense to me after I saw an heirloom set of martini glasses and realized they only held like 3 oz max, compared to the huge 8 oz+ cocktail glasses I usually see.
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@grandiloquiet, your perception regarding millennial drinking may be localized, possibly because you"ll tend to see more millennials in bars these days. Never you worry, we Gen Xers are drinking our fair share, after the kids are in bed or the dog walked. I think millennials may be having more fun with it right at this moment.
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I'm honestly not sure if it's more fun? But there doesn't seem to be much shame about drinking, which is different from what I recall of the 90s. (Admittedly I grew up around a lot of white Evangelicals, but I feel like there's been a shift even there. Many of the people I grew up with are still conservative Christians, but they're willing to be seen drinking. Their parents and grandparents either abstain completely or keep the alcohol out-of-sight.)

There are a lot of different drinking cultures in this country. New England's is particularly intense, so maybe that's why no one at the Seth Meyers show blinked at what seemed, to me, like a truly shocking amount of alcohol.
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New England's is particularly

Boston and Philly go back and forth, depending on the year, for #1 consumption of alcohol/capita.

I have seen this first hand...I, uh, wasn't there on a research project or anything.
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Everyone does realize these are rehearsed and heavily edited?
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I think people stopped doing that about 1980?

Exactly when millennials started showing up!
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♪♫♬ Day drinking and I'm thinking of you... ♪♫♬
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Aw, that was totally delightful.
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The three martini lunch made a lot more sense to me after I saw an heirloom set of martini glasses and realized they only held like 3 oz max, compared to the huge 8 oz+ cocktail glasses I usually see.

At 3oz, each of those three martinis is about 3 beers worth of alcohol.
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I'm guessing Ina Garten's cocktail recipes there must be for about four servings, right? Even I would balk at a drink that starts with half a cup of rum.
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I thought 1.5 oz of 40-proof spirits was the equivalent of 12 oz of a 5% abv beer? So the vintage three martini lunch was at most a half-dozen beer lunch, minus a lot of belching?

I am impressed by how clean of a bite Seth Meyers can take from that extremely clean cake, even while drunk. Is this something famous people learn? How not to have frosting and crumbs on your lips?
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