Song classics saturday?
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Certain song classics have history that's surprising.
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Well I know what's going to be in my head all day.
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Every time someone says the word "phenomenon" around me I can't help but hear this song. It's almost hard-wired at this point.
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doot doo doot doo
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That first link ("Certain") has no sound, here's an alternate.
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And, of course, this
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At 1:09 on the Muppets video:
a bit of Lullaby of Birdland
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part of Umiliani's soundtrack for the Italian mondo film Svezia, inferno e paradiso (Sweden: Heaven and Hell [lit. Hell and Heaven]) (1968), an exploitation documentary film about wild sexual activity and other behaviour in Sweden.

I note in passing that the linked clip (at "surprising") is a thirty-second-long clip of a bunch of women walking along a winter path in appropriate clothing, followed by a second clip of equal length of the same (?) women sitting around chatting in -- presumably -- a sauna with wraparound towels covering everything from armpits to just above the knees. It is footage that no one in 2019 would take note of if it appeared in a daytime TV commercial. It is only slightly more NSFW than the Muppets singing the song are.

In summary, exploitation documentary films about wild sexual activity are a land of contrasts. Thank you.
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Well, the soundtrack has a song called "Topless Party" so I assume the movie has some tittilating content. One wonders how much the Sesame Street producers realized it at the time, considering it came via popular radio via The Red Skelton Show. But I am guessing in those days, you couldn't swing a muppet at a film crew without hitting a connoisseur of Swedish erotica.
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Every time someone says the word "phenomenon" around me I can't help but hear this song

Same here, plus "cannabanoid".
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Also "pajama pants."
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And โ€œmonogamy,โ€ thanks to some smartasses I used to work with.
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But the greatest mashup of all times has to be this mad mix of Mahna Mahna, The Doors and The Macarena.
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My favorite version is still the Leroy Holmes one that made its way onto one of the Ultra-Lounge compilation that Capitol started putting out in the 90s. ( Bottoms Up!, in this case).

Now that I think of it, it's a shame Esquivel to my knowledge never recorded a version.ย ย That would have been bonkers.
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