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Portals: Autumn is beautiful and strange time of year
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This is a really cool effect but I don't know if it's "Stare at somebody's Photography 101 portfolio while creepy music plays" cool.
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I wish the pbotographer had chosen more aesthetically rich images to segway between, maybe some thematic continuity. Otherwise it is more like "Don't buy the brown acid man, it is bad stuff."
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Wow. I think the aesthetic plays nicely, somewhat autumnal, somewhat changey like seasons, and it's all in a park with bushes and trees. And a lion and a bear. Outdoorsy and such. Blowing my mind with the effect.

And since when could we watch Vimeo in the little play window thingy? Is that new?
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That's kind of how my life feels. Just as I'm getting used to where I'm at, I zoom in on something and everything reorients around that thing and then I'm somewhere else and getting used that new thing and then...

Super cool effect!
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Fantastic effect from a somewhat simple concept, although of course it relies on today's notions of "simple" in video editing.

I felt like the first few fades were well-executed, where the portals were all clustered on discrete objects and changed their orientation significantly. The last few, on the other hand, were pretty meh: Indiscriminately placed, and just felt like a bad 90's fade effect.
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