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Robin Isely is a surreal and digital artist from San Francisco. [NSFW] Robin’s art moves between surrealism, beauty and the grotesque, exploring the intersections of the human figures and animal nature. Compositions that seem to be inspired by all eras, a journey that could start in mythology and Roman goddesses following the Victorian Gothic, the romanticism of the twenties, and the unfiltered sensuality [NSFW] of the incandescent sixties. Tumblr [also NSFW]
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Amazing artistry, but apparently the masses are as bemused by the subject matter as I. Is it a metaphor for metaphors?
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You should plaster the studio walls with his stuff for the next Carbon 7 session and see what pops out.
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Yeah. Photoshop competence = 7ish. Artistic relevance/resonance? 0.3.
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WHERE IS HER OTHER BREAST?! Wait, I see it peeking out but oof! I know it’s supposed to echo the figure at right but that looks painful.

Other than reminding me of a Ralph Lauren Photoshop, I also feel like I’m looking at something designed for the male gaze and feeling uncomfortable. Which makes me wonder — is that the point? I am open to learning that I’m not getting a reference or something. As much as I loved my art history classes, there are huge gaps in my understanding.
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A lot of art these days is like having a novelist write the same book over and over, while changing the title, a few characters’ names, a plot detail, but still saying the same thing. The repetition is deadening.
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What? These are fabulous. ANGELA CARTER
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