Liisa Hietanen's still life and portrait sculptures in yarn
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Knitting is a popular pastime in Finland. Even Finnish Olympians were noted for knitting before and after their competitions at the 2018 Winter Olympics! (Mother Nature News) But Finnish artist Liisa Hietanen takes it to a whole new level (MNN) with her knitted and crocheted sculptures of real-life people and scenes (artist's website). Hietanen painstakingly crochets, knits and sometimes embroiders every single piece of her sculpture — from the clothes and accessories down to the objects a sculpture is holding.

She started on this road during art school, and her first fully completed piece was "Pirkko," a sculpture of her first-grade teacher. She was inspired to use crocheting as her medium because "the technique fit the character perfectly."

Found Hietanen's art from this Facebook post, where Raija and her dog stands next to her knit double.
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These are amazing. The crocheted people are so realistic! And they somehow seem imbued with emotion and feeling.
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Oh my goodness, these are wonderful! The faces! And the clothes!

Excuse me, I need to go cast on for a sock now.
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I am so floored by the realism of her sculptures! This was a real treat to discover; thank you for posting.
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I love these. The self-portrait is great (last link) -- when it was floating around on Twitter, someone observed that the real Liisa's sweater is knitted, and rather than just knitting another sweater, the crocheted Liisa has a crocheted version of the sweater.

And the toilet and the tree branch and the radiators and the power strip ... oh, these are delightful.
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The toilet paper!!
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These are wonderful! Love the mom and nursing baby. But I fear for the bathroom and toilet if someone stumbles in late at night after an evening at the pub!
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Even Finnish Olympians were noted for knitting before and after their competitions at the 2018 Winter Olympics!

Oh, okay. Took me a second to figure out that they had not somehow managed to make knitting a demonstration sport at the most recent Winter Olympics.
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