Try harder, Megan
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Choose your own corporate adventure. You will not be eaten by a grue.
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Hey, cool, I won!

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But what if my name is Bob?
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This was great, can there be another about working as a server? Every choice leads to costumers touching you and wage theft!
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"You won. You work with Phillip for the rest of your career." They forgot "Which is exactly two more review periods, during which you are mysteriously left out of projects, downgraded for your performance, and then let go."
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This is good, but damn.
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At lunch, your friends have so many similar and worse stories that you spend the whole time screaming simultaneously into each other’s faces, spitting flecks of tortellini across the tablecloth with the force of your rage. You love your friends so much. When the server says, “I hate to interrupt girl talk,” you all combust into a flaming swarm of hornets.

I have been at this lunch!
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