someone once told me the real action was in the footnotes
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Illuminating Women’s Hidden Contribution to Historical Theoretical Population Genetics [preprint bioRxiv], Samantha Kristin Dung, Andrea López, Ezequiel Lopez Barragan, Rochelle-Jan Reyes, Ricky Thu, Edgar Castellanos, Francisca Catalan, Emilia Huerta-Sánchez and Rori V. Rohlfs, GENETICS February 1, 2019 vol. 211 no. 2 363-366;
While productivity in academia is measured through authorship, not all scientific contributors have been recognized as authors. We consider nonauthor “acknowledged programmers” (APs), who developed, ran, and sometimes analyzed the results of computer programs. We identified APs in Theoretical Population Biology articles published between 1970 and 1990, finding that APs were disproportionately women (P = 4.0 × 10−10). We note recurrent APs who contributed to several highly-cited manuscripts. The occurrence of APs decreased over time, corresponding to the masculinization of computer programming and the shift of programming responsibilities to individuals credited as authors. We conclude that, while previously overlooked, historically, women have made substantial contributions to computational biology.
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I think about this with regards to my grandmother. She was technician to a doctor who won a Nobel Prize. I wonder how much of the work she did.
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