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AstroBin is an image hosting site for astrophotography.

Try top picks or image of the day. Search for images of deep space objects like the Cat's Eye Nebula or Bode's Galaxy, or general astronomical phenomena like eclipses or aurora borealis.
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I'm particularly impressed by the low-cost astrophotography group who show that hobbyists can capture amazing images without a lot of very spendy, specialized equipment.
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this is relevant to my interests- thanks!
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I'd like to click the About link at the bottom of the page, but like Tantalus, it gets moved further away every time I scroll down.
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Astrobin help page, which has all kinds of useful information about the site.
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holy crap that's amazing
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Things like this remind me that not everybody sucks.
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This is the coolest thing ever!
Many of the images have a sky plot associated with them. I can us that to try to see the same piece of the sky with my telescope.
Thank you for posting this, peeedro.
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