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The Tatum Group Masterpieces, Volume Eight is an album by Art Tatum and Ben Webster, with Red Callender on double bass and Bill Douglass on drums. The 1956 session was originally released in 1958 on a Verve Records album produced by Norman Granz. He reissued the material as one of a series of eight Group Masterpieces featuring Tatum in collaboration with other artists, also issuing it as part of a boxed set, The Complete Pablo Group Masterpieces.
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Great stuff! Subtle phrasing and inventive ideas.
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This is gorgeous. Thank you.
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Thank you! Greatly improved my start to the week ...
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Seminal and pretty!
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I thought Tatum had died in the 40's. TIL.
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Wonderful. Thank you so much.
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Didn't know about this. Very very nice. Thank you.
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Tatum is one of my all-time favorite players. If you listen past the virtuostic pyrotechnics and the firehose of musical ideas you can hear great depth of beauty and soul.
A philosopher I know has said that if the devil offered him a bargain, he would opt to play like Tatum. I can’t disagree.
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