I wanna write a song...oh baby is that so wrong?
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La de da de da de da de day oh (SLYT)

bill wurtz (pre vio usly) with the feel-good jam of the decade.
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Nice bass line, I'll give it that.
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No melody whatsoever.
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"We trained an AI on the lyrics and scores of the theme songs from every sitcom produced in the 1990s, and this is what we got."
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WOW this guy. His songwriting and musicianship... -- get past the super-glossy production (which I'm 100% certain he's doing on purpose) and there's a lot of detail and depth and richness to his stuff. Pretty dazzling, thank you for sharing!
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I'm super confused by this. Too much talent to be outsider art. Too much earnest twee to be ironic. Too weird to be unironic. Just...why. Why was this made. Look at this man's channel. There's so much time and effort represented here. This is like finding out Dali did a lot of velvet paintings of Jesus holding kittens. Like a lot a lot. Like Finding a goddamned trailer full of Dali's kitten Jesus paintings.
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i guess his bio sorts it
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i like it
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Isn't Earnest Twee known for "Waltz Across Texas"?
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I don't understand why Wurtz isn't the world's most successful commercial jingle and TV theme song maker... oh, wait, all the TV shows have 5 second openings and all the commercials are recycling pop music from the 70s and 80s...
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His constantly-updated Q&A page is also a sight to behold. It's just as wholesomely weird as his songs/videos, but in a never-ending stream of tiny doses.
2.17.19 7:41 pm what will happen when i get older?
you will get better at understanding the weather

2.17.19 10:45 am how do i ask a stupid question without feeling stupid?
get angry while asking it. it's impossible to feel stupid while you're angry. anger makes you smart

2.6.19 10:37 pm whats an unusual day like for you
if it's unusual in a bad way, i wouldn't want to admit it happened. if it's unusual in a good way, i wouldn't want to admit it's unusual

2.6.19 12:56 am i want to be important so bad help please sartyedtujerfksjntgdji
what would you do if you were important to you
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Why was this made. Look at this man's channel. There's so much time and effort represented here.

"When purpose has been used to achieve purposelessness, the thing has been grasped."
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I haven't been to his website (expert mode) in a while so I didn't expect that he was still updating it, but.....wow.
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This guy has really studied his Toy Matinee....
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I unironically love the work of Bill Wurtz. It's so unselfconsciously weird in a way that feels deeply personal to me, and I just really enjoy it. Also he knows how to write a catchy tune, that's for sure.
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There are plenty of things to like in the vid, but I especially appreciated the owl with a clarinet right there. Thanks !
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The fact that it sounds a bit like Jars of Clay mixed with Niel Cicierega makes me wonder if this is what would have happened if someone with the psychology of Frank Zappa grew up as a millennial born-again christian.
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I have watched this several times a day since it was posted, really liked the owl as well, and just noticed that it makes its first entrance already at 0:20. The ending also makes me smile like an idiot every time.
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