“I need to sleep, I can't get no sleep”
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Insomnia, by Faithless (alternative link, original and long), was first released in 1995, became a minor hit, then was re-released, sold a lot more, and is still performed (2009) and remixed. Insomnia can also be successfully played on a toy octopus. Lyrics and previously on spoons. Faithless consist of Maxi Jazz, Sister Bliss and Rollo Armstrong. Other Faithless songs include Salva Mea, We Come 1, God is a DJ, and One Step Too Far (featuring Dido, sister of Rollo).
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Unpopular opinion: there's nothing wrong with Avicii's remix. *ducks*
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Adding "Woozy" as a fantastic Faithless track, from a somewhat problematic movie with a fantastic soundtrack and score.
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And of course most people might recognize "Mass Destruction." "Fatty Boo" isn't the kindest song in the world but it sure is catchy.
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The Essential Mix they did was also fantastic.
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Lord, this song was e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e. on the dancefloors of the muscle-gay bars in Boston at the time. That was totally not my scene back then, and so most of my memories of this tune are of those slightly alien adventures in a hostile territory. Now, of course, it's settled into a cozy pocket of nostalgia along with the whole of my early-20s clubbing experiences.
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Faithless continue to be my gateway and destination to this particular era of electronic music growing up a little and getting introspective while staying danceable and addictive.

I later convinced my WoW guild to adopt the name. That's the kind of love I have for Faithless.
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Oh man I love Insomnia. It’s dark and sexy as hell. I remember there being a little frisson when my friends and I watched the video for the first time (together in one room! On music tv! Not on a phone! Seems a long time ago...) and heard the “ripping off tights with my teeth” line. The bassline, the vocal, the drop... In summary: choooon!
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I have had some interaction with these people, and they are pretty much all lovely.

To me the melody in that Fatty Boo song seems to owe a reasonable amount to Ken Boothe - Is It Because I am Black.

Insomnia always reminded me of Lunatic Asylum - Meltdown. I am sure the melody and chord changes of Meltdown are probably stolen from somewhere else. After all, Sister Bliss is a classically trained pianist, so she probably has a rich musical repertoire.
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My first exposure to Insomnia was this remix [link to Mod Archive player], which has a deceptive beat for the first 30 seconds, then changes around on you in a delightful way. I didn't even know there were lyrics until somewhat later.
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Insomnia is one of my all time favorites! Such a great song to do lights to. Thanks for this post!
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I have never stepped foot in a club that plays this type of music , so this is the first time I am hearing it. Sounds a little like everything I heard of this type of stuff from movies and such. Is it because everything sounds like this song, or does this song sound like everything else?
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