The science of Hula-Hooping, as individual hoops or with a TON of hoops
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Swiveling Science: Applying Physics to Hula-Hooping Have you ever wondered how Hula-Hoops work or what makes them able to spin around a person's waist or arm—seeming to defy gravity? The answer can be explained by physics, which can help you determine what makes an effective Hula-Hoop. In this activity you'll get to create your own Hula-Hoops and investigate how their weights affect how they spin. Which do you think will spin better, a heavy hoop or a lighter one? Get ready to do some hula-hooping to find out! Got it? Good. Now try it with 300 Hula-Hoops. It's almost impossible (Wired), but not quite, if you're as good as Marawa Ibrahim—aka Marawa the Amazing.

More science of Hula-Hooping: Coordination modes in the multisegmental dynamics of hula hooping (Biological Cybernetics)
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What if you tire before it’s through?
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The first and last links go to the same page.
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You have to use commercially available hoops, and it's quite possible that they could become lighter and thinner-- that would lead to higher records.
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The lighter ones are also harder to control, though.
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What if you're through a tire?
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The first and last links go to the same page.

Bother. Here's the correct link.
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Marawa is an amazing woman! Also quite good at roller skating, and roller skating + hooping together. Plus...roller skating in high heels while hooping.
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