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They did their first release of these awhile ago (leading to my netting a huge bag of books on sale because they cleaned out their inventory of books they were putting online) but they're an excellent resource nonetheless.
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Bookmarked for M U C H later perusal! Ta very much!
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The link isn't working.
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OH! I see how I could spend my whole life looking at! Thank You!
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Hmm. I know exactly one publication of the Metropolitan Museum: the 12 volume "Metropolitan Seminars on Art". written by John Canaday and edited by my mother. Perhaps it's not there because it's older than 50 years? Still, I would love to see it again.
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the 12 volume "Metropolitan Seminars on Art". written by John Canaday and edited by my mother. has it available to borrow. It doesn't seem to be in the official Met collection.
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Hippybear! Even seeing the cover cheers me up! It's a shame I ruined my mother's career by being born, but at least I got to spend my childhood paging through those books!
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Okay, I was pretty sure I had seen this previously - and it looks like they've added over a hundred books a year since then.

This is just thrilling. Thank you for posting it, the man of twists and turns - even though I remembered the post from 2012, I hadn't thought to go back and look for a long time.

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This is the best of the web.

Kudos to the met for this great move. I can only hope that similar institutions will follow suit. Humanity is better off for this.
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Horse care as depicted on Greek vases c. 400BC
This is relevant to my interests indeed.
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