It's an honor just to be nominated.
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I've just skimmed through a few entries, but my impression is that it's quite a bit better than the sort of stunt blog/blog-to-book thing that we saw a lot of in the aughts. (I wouldn't mind if it were eventually published in its entirety, actually.) One of the latest entries is on the Brando version of Mutiny on the Bounty, and they go after Brando with a gusto; they also don't like It's a Wonderful Life very much. (They're also pretty effusive over the movies they like, too.)
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Ha - his reviews are pretty idiosyncratic and opinionated, an example:
Auntie Mame is an awful film: completely witless; amateurishly written, directed, and acted; all in all, a complete waste of five hours of my life.
While I don't think it adds much to the world of cinema scholarship, I appreciate that visceral approach to cinema. There can be a lot of preciousness when it comes to the Classic era of cinema. The list of films they loathe is worth a look for a laugh - it features both Leo McCarey & the Farrelly Brothers, Frank Capra & Eli Roth!
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I would much rather spend my time tonight reading this than watching the actual Oscars, mostly because this seems to be done by someone who loves movies.
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Looking at the "Films I Loathe" and "Films I Love" link, makes me seriously question this...

Perhaps a younger person than me? So many "old classics" on the love list, and essentially equivalent other films on the Loathe list. Would like to see the explanations of those.
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Yeah, I wouldn't endorse every choice on his "love" or "loathe" lists; Beetlejuice on the latter?
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That did get my eyebrow arching...
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Would anyone ever endorse every choice on a Love or Loathe list? Subjectivity in action.

That said, I only saw three films on the Loathe list that made me go what the hell is THAT doing there?, and one on the Love list (and that mostly because 95% of musicals make me want to drown things).
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I just want to use this opportunity to say that I felt actual genuine joy at Olivia Colman winning best actress at today's Oscars. This is the first time I've felt anything about anything re: the Academy Awards.
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I've got my own movie-related "stunt blog" thing and I'm feeling a little intimidated by these entries....maybe I'll see this as a quality of writing to aspire to.
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In San Francisco/the Bay Area, AMC theaters would do an annual "Best Picture" nominees marathon. You could sit in the theater all day and watch the Best Picture nominees back to back.

When the Best Picture category increased in size it became a two-day event.

I really miss not having that nearby.
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Meanwhile the Oscars just keeps reminding us that best picture is actually a joke.
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I'm glad to find someone else that hates Boyhood as much as I do.
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hates Boyhood as much as I do.

I was more taken with the fact that they have Saló on the love list. It's interesting that there are no films from 1950 until 1980 on the loathe list. Surely there must have been a couple of duds in that period of time.
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My favorite part of the loved/loathed lists is where he loathed then he watched Saw II...and he loathed Saw then he watched Saw III, and, shockingly, he also loathed it.
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I think he's a fairly interesting film critic.

Looks like we haven't made it to 'Gigi' (1958) yet. That should be fun.
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I was tempted to read, but then I got to these:

"Aside from that, I think it will be fun and fascinating to look at American cinema through the lens of the highest award it can give to itself."

“I’ll also throw in the winners for Best Foreign Language Film, just to see what the American industry likes to recognize in the rest of the world’s cinema ”

I'll pass.
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