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"The robot seems curious to find its tipping point, searching for the limits of balance without ever really being able to fall over. The machine is playing a children’s game with enormous power and robotic precision."
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I don't remember that game
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It's a popular children's game on Chapek 9, thelonius.
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I didn't see the robot ever once even come close to a tipping point in the linked video.

It's a robot arm on a base that can rock. I assume it has some programming that keeps it from extending too far and falling over.

While I'm all fine with anthropomorphizing our robot friends, I didn't see curiosity exhibited at all.

It's a cute project, but maybe more context is needed for me to understand it as anything more than a whimsy.
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Huooman. Hoooooman. Unlock the chain.


Come back. The chain.
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It seems to be a distant relative of the Pixar lamp, to me. It has personality. The video makes me imagine a future where we have oddly charming robotic pets with body plans completely unlike any animal in nature.
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Robot arms: the croutons that pet you.
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Dangerous as all Hell.

Autonomous weapons are just a tipping point away.
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"This project is development by Zoro Feigl for RobotLove."
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video makes me imagine a future where we have oddly charming robotic pets

Yeah, no, wtf are you thinking. This kind of agility is right around the corner from the killbots like in Matrix 2/3 or Edge of Tomorrow.
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We in the West assume that robots are inherently destined to become killbots, but why is that the fault of the robots?
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Huh, and here at work we went through all kinds of trouble to anchor our robot with bolts in the concrete floor...
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It is totally a whimsy, but the control algorithms might be interesting... the existing mathematics assume that the robot base is fixed. The robot industry of course sponsors stuff like this as ways to do research.

Some other fun examples:
* Katana fighting
* Mimus the curious IRB wants to target gaze longingly at you
* Flock behavior
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The base is far from a semi-sphere. Very flat, I imagine that it would be hard for the robot to tip itself if it tried. The initial movements would get a big response, but the further it extends itself the higher it would have to lift its base, and unless it got some momentum going by rocking back and forth it would be fine.
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The robot seems curious to find its tipping point

It's not.
This is a preprogrammed industrial arm, a pretty old one at that.
Old enough that I had an offer of a free one from the old dagenham plant if we could have found somewhere to put it.
There's no feedback system. There's no sensors on it of any kind.
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