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Nathan Pyle (previously) is drawing a series called ✨Strange Planet✨ Twitter | Threadreader | Instagram

He has keen insight into dogs and cats.
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This has been exploding on imgur and it's so so good.
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He claims to have drawn the world's worst pun but I think he meant to say best.
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Pish tosh, I pun worse than that all the dang time.
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Oh fantastic! I was wondering where these were coming from. It's very much my jam from yesterday that's been thrown at approximately my speed. It's been a while since Nedroid and Pictures for Sad Children.
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These are great.
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MetaTalk: Everyone needs a hug mutual limb enclosure.
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it me
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I am pleased with his insight into children
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I laughed a lot! Thank you for sharing this.
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Thank you for the sequential images.

I will gaze at them.
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Oh hey, I have a t-shirt with the first image here! Also, the fourth one is dark.
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"Hot Bird Water" -- my new favourite name for chicken soup!

Right up there with "Chicken Milk" -- the direct translation of the French "Lait de Poule" for egg nog.
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Yeah, these are very good. Eldest daughter and I have been swapping them back and forth (I fear that I have infected her with my sense of humour...)

I don't know why I feel they are good, though, as usually the genre of "who's the boss the relationship with dogs if you are picking up their poo?" doesn't do it for me. Maybe it's the earnestness of the aliens.
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These aliens! They are just like us!
(the ones about cats are purrfect)
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I have been following his stuff for a while and it’s just delightful. If you haven’t had a chance to see his pigeon stories, I recommend them. He actually managed to find a creative use for Instagram story stickers.
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I showed these to my husband and we are now referring to our 13 lb new being as having such heft.
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He has keen insight into . . . cats.

Yes. Yes he does.
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These have been everywhere on my Facebook recently and they never fail to make me laugh. My favourite is the one about putting our objects inside other objects when people come to visit.
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The "such heft" one is my favorite, too.
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I love this series so so much!
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I absolutely love these. The birthday one with everyone yelling, "Extinguish! Extinguish!" cracks me up so much, but they're all great.
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Martian poetry for the 21st century!
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This is everything I loved about the Thermians in Galaxy Quest in small concentrated doses. Thanks!
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"Imagine pleasant nonsense" is my new life motto
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