The digital life of a Gen Z teen...
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Pocket [NSFW] is an 18min fictional short film meant to be watched on a phone. Here's Vimeo's write up on it after choosing it as a pick of the week.
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Wow. That’s impressive.
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That was surprisingly compelling and also I have never felt like more of a creepy weirdo in my life. Good job, I think? haha
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Wonderful execution and storyline. I want more!
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Maybe I'm too old but mostly I found that to be creepy and uncomfortable.
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Man, I‘m so mad about the Captain V thing.
And I felt this white hot surge of rage when he asked for pics to masturbate to. „Can I see more of you?“ Yeah right, and then later you pass on the pictures to your friends or whatever.
But I guess that‘s how kids do it these days?

~ Gen X says hello. We had to fool around on semen specked sofas in church basements, but truly, what happened on those sofas stayed on those sofas.
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After some... problems, I had to hack my son's Instagram and a few other social media outlets that he hid from us. I don't even know which version is the real boy I tried hard to raise well. I grew up worrying about big brother and the loss of privacy, so, y'know, a little healthy paranoia. This brave new world is not a how I thought folks would handle easy access to the cumulative knowledge of hyman history
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If you're a parent of boys and you haven't read Rosimund Wiseman's Masterminds and Wingmen go get it immediately. One of the things she says is "you always see the second hit, you never see the first hit." Meaning that the socially savvy boys bait the unsavvy until they snap, then the kid who snapped gets in trouble. Like Captain V. That book is a great guide for raising non-asshole boys. Mine are only 12 and 16 now so I'm still not sure it worked.

Also, that was fucking horrifying and terrifying.
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ugh, couldn't keep watching, had to turn it off
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This was great.

(And made me happy that I grew up before social media was invented.)
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Sadly, this has nothing to do with Tom Waits mining for gold, despite the title.

(Because I'd pay for that spinoff.)
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