INXS launches first U.S. tour after death of Michael Hutchence.
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INXS launches first U.S. tour after death of Michael Hutchence. Doesn't the death of a band's charismatic lead singer and frontman necessarily spell The End for the band? Can the remaining members ever really come Back (in Black)?
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hell, elvis just performed at the del mar fair in san diego. it consisted of his orginal band playing live in front of a big screen projecting the king in a live performance. no kidding!!
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The Doors actually did try to go on after Morrison died. They recorded an album called Other Voices.

The only common members to the various Fleetwood Mac editions are the bass player and drummer.

Personally, I think the Who should have packed it in when Moon died, but money always calls.

I'm sure Michael would have wanted INXS to go on. *snicker*
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I loved INXS and while part of me is happy to see them getting back to business, it is not the same band anymore. New music could work okay, but going to see INXS perform their old songs without Hutchence would be about as enjoyable as seeing Attack of the Clones without any special effects.
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funny this should pop up here; INXS was on the marquee of a club su and i hit on tuesday night. i couldn't help but wonder all night, "what, they're having a psychic invoke michael..?"
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INXS has been touring for a while now, they had a few club dates last year, and I believe they even performed during the Olympics with guest singers. I can't wait to see them, they are a good band, although Michael was the front man and all, the band still is talented, so I'll go see them if I can.
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After Biggie Smalls died, his drum box went on tour without him. Crowds were sparse.
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Ugh, they should just make a new band, like Joy Division -> New Order. Continuing like this is just sad.
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They were scheduled to play in Omaha on June 16th but the event was cancelled at the last minute due to poor advanced ticket sales. Not sure if that's a reflection on the musical taste of the place or that it happend to be Fathers day when people generally have other places to be at night.

I know it wasn't because of poor publicity as my other half had interviewed Tim Farriss twice for two of the local papers and several radio stations had been running competitions to meet the band for weeks.
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Then we have the opposite, like Axl Rose trying to claim the name Guns 'n' Roses, without Slash, Duff, Izzy, and Matt.
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Or for that matter, the Rolling Stones...for nothing can convince me that Keith Richards is actually alive. :)
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Queen without Freddie Mercury, esp at the Jubilee concert. Says it all.
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The new INXS singer, Jon Stevens, is actually quite good. If you can get over the fact that he's a replacement, you might be able to enjoy yourself.
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Does he sound at all like Hutchence?

I think the guy Journey got to replace Steve Perry is, like, spooky. Not only does he sound almost exactly like Perry, his name is even Steve.
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He is a very good singer and can sound like Hutchy. But he's got a habilt of copping his stage moves, which is a bit distracting.
posted by skinsuit at 7:51 PM on June 23, 2002

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