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I had a chance to play this at a recent boardgame meet up. It's really good! And you learn stuff! And you have bird cards that go eat other birds, but only if they have a small enough wingspan (you can't eat a turkey, you crazy raptor!)

Also the components are the most insanely over-produced I've ever seen. I have received wedding invites on significantly lower quality paper stock than is used for the rulebook.
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A bunch of friends and I are birdwatchers plus we play games once in a while. Unfortunately, we knew nothing about the game until we saw the article. It looks like we won’t be able to get it for a few more months, so we won’t be getting a chance to play very soon. On the other hand, migration season is about to begin here, so we wouldn’t have time until summer anyway.
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8.3 on Boardgame Geek, which is quite high.
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I hadn't heard of this but wow, now I want to play. It sounds like it really falls into a sweet spot for us.
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Shades of endless rainy summer holidays playing the RSPB's Conservation game.

(and in other birb news,
for Fair Isle bird observatory, burned down on the weekend.)
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This is relevant to my interests. Also for those who have a Tabletopia subscription, you can play it online (solo against AI or with 2-5 people). Or you can just check out the rules for free to whet your appetite.
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I'll likely get to play this at a con I go to in the summer. Good games combined with neat themes are awesome.
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Oooh, this would be perfect if it's translated to Norwegian so I could play it with the kids.
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Just ordered the dutch version based on this article :-) I hope the first expansion includes european/asian birds.
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For those into board game reviews culture: No Pun Included have done a video review, and Shut Up & Sit Down talked about it recently on their podcast.
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*grabby hands talons*
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