Building a 'Homebrew' Video Game Console
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Portuguese developer Sérgio Vieira explains how he built his own gaming console.
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impressive! 👾
posted by exogenous at 4:49 PM on March 14

Wow I've been building a Game Boy Zero but this is some next level shit.
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Interesting that the main CPU is a humble 8-bit Z80, whereas the graphics circuitry contains a 32-bit Atmel microcontroller.
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acb: see also the L-Star, which uses a real 6502 but virtualizes most of the other chips with a 32-bit multicore Propeller. I think it's nifty!
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There is something deliciously decadent about bit-banging composite video output, especially in color. Although he does say he's working on a new FPGA-based graphics system in Verilog or VHDL.
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Similar to this, 8-bit Guy is working on his own 65816-based C64-esque system.
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If the idea of messing about with a homebrew 8-bit console appeals to you, but actually making the HW is not your primary interest, maybe the Pico-8 is for you. It's kind of an emulator for an 8-bit console that never was, so you can program it on your PC and generate HTML5 versions of your game so even people who don't own Pico-8 can play your creations in their browser.
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That brought back many memories! Well done Sérgio
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The author really showed off their skill when they coded up breakout in z80 assembly in ‘a few days’. That’s certainly a talent to aspire to.
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Very impressive! But man, the solderless breadboard portion of the project is giving me anxiety just looking at it. You pull out one wire and there goes your afternoon figuring out how to fix it.
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