Now That I Found You
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The new video by Carly Rae Jepsen - Now That I Found You - features Shrampton the cat.
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I love CRJ, but the Fiat product placements are completely absurd.
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I thought it was a Porsche, but am not a car person so that bit just passed me by with a shrug.

Loved the top comment on YouTube by Karthik Ravi:

Hey you just pet me,
And this is crazy,
But here's my number,
Adopt me maybe.

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I have to admit, Shrampton is a pretty good name. Oh, wait, there's a video too?

(Priorities, people!)
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I feel extremely seen by this video.

(the car is the Abarth tuning of the Fiat 124 Spider, which itself is actually a reskinned Mazda MX-5 or Miata)
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I always feel like the joke's on them when I'm targeted with an ad for something expensive (looking at you, New Yorker ads!)
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Like any music video, this is a mass of contradictory subtexts, but it reminds me powerfully of how many men resembling this cat I have seen: blank, staring, inert, passive recipients of some young woman's passionate affection and romantic fantasies.
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Shrampton is a perfect cat name.
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This was pretty fun. I guess I haven't watched many music videos recently, but are things like the tiktok ad in it normal now?
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I don't particularly dig this musical oeuvre, but CRJ is just. so. damn. likable. +10 for the rotund orange tabby with tiny ears. Keep on doing your thing, Shrampton.

As for whatever product placements may be in the video, it seems strange to me that we can have threads here where numerous mefites pile on about how musical artists shouldn't expect to make money by selling recordings of their copyrighted material, and must instead seek ways to earn a living by doing live tours and selling things they can position as adjacent to their artistic output (e.g., tshirts). And then we'll have another thread where mefites pile on about a musical artist doing just that by getting paid for product placements in a video that is likely to be widely viewed and shared. These are, of course, incompatible views unless one takes the position that musical artists are only allowed to make money through a small set of preapproved art-adjacent things. Guess what? CRJ does this to make money.
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This is so validating. I typically relegate all my cat-themed apparel to in-home use only.
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That cat does a great version of "Doobie Wah."
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but are things like the tiktok ad in it normal now?

Yes, absolutely & it’s not a new phenomenon in music videos either.
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The underwear! Oh my heck! Then do you suppose, in the rainstorm, she went straight out to Cat Barn and bought litter, a box, a scooper, milk, cat food, and the panderties, and had the stray cat groomed and de-bugged? Or is this just like any other instant relationship love story?
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She teased this the week before on Insta and I was curious how it was going to pay off and I was delighted that this was it
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(also, Previously. I am vibrating with excitement for this album)
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The B-side for "Now That I Found You" (inasmuch as singles released digitally can have "B-sides") is called "No Drug Like Me" and features some wonderfully funky bass synth

I'd be remiss if I didn't bring up this really silly bit of business that came out in the lead up to this video's release, where she went on Beats1 and told a story about the time she secretly filmed Seal eating an entire loaf of bread.
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And then we'll have another thread where mefites pile on about a musical artist doing just that by getting paid for product placements in a video that is likely to be widely viewed and shared

No idea how much this is directed at me, but I've got no problem with her making money. I'm a Fan; I give her my own money whenever she gives me the chance. I'm not piling on, I'm laughing at the fact that she's got a long-standing relationship specifically with Fiat. "Good Time," "This Kiss," "I Really Like You," and now this all feature videos with Fiats. Without begrudging her the money in the slightest, I think that's funny.
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Is it Peter Shrampton
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all feature videos with Fiats

oh okay I've never noticed that
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What I loved about e mo tion was the spare production. The songwriting was really strong, and Carly Rae's sweet personality shone through the album, but the production had an appealing, minimal-ish quality; it wasn't as bricked as a lot of releases in her genre, and I could listen to it without feeling overstimulated. ("Run Away with Me" reminded me a lot of Anna Domino, in part because of how spare the production is.)

With the exception of "Party for One", I'm not feeling the singles for the next album. The production and mastering sounds as loud as her contemporaries' work, which is disappointing. I know this is what the market wants, but I wish she was able to keep playing with minimalish production. Oh well.
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I came in here, to take a quick look at the comments, and saw all the Fiat talk. So I clicked the video expecting a whole lot of Abarth, and was very disappointed. There wasn't as much Abarth as I was expecting. Plus it was showcased terribly. Dark rainy shots of the car in park are not the way to sell the glory inherent in roadsters. They need to be seen zipping around in the sun.

Fiat's marketing people need to have a chat with Jessup's video director if they really want to get money's worth out of the product placement.
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The shout out to Breakfast at Tiffany's was pretty fun.
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We have the perfect 21st Century hybrid here: Music Video + Cat Video.
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See, and here I thought that the close, intentional shot of the Abarth logo, and her character in the video being over-the-top signified as wealthy, would somehow be part of a thematic subtext that would involve and be resolved by Shrampton, like finding this alley cat helped a shallow, materialistic person learn and experience real, non-self-centered love, and maybe there would be a humorous counterpoint with the man billed at the top of the video, something something failing at love with looks-perfect guy but finding it with cat or something, and then none of that ever came together and the video ended with a meet-cute, and I was like WTF, and then I come in here and find out it's just product placement.

I've either developed a habit of over-reading creative work, or my expectations for music videos have somehow gotten too high. I'm not sure which. (I'll think about it some more when I finish my exegesis of interconnected mythological themes in Stargate: Atlantis.)

Like any music video, this is a mass of contradictory subtexts

This also explains a lot.
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Aw, hi Shrampton! He and his human were my wife's friend's roommates when they lived in NYC.
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See, I'd never think over-the-top wealth, LooseFilter. I mean it's just a Fiat. Okay, it's an Abarth, but that only puts about CDN$4,000 on top of the base price of a Spider. And Fiat is a very long way from a high-end luxury brand.

I get that it might be an obtainable but aspirational brand for (what I presume, because I'm really out of my area of expertise here) Jessup's younger fans. It's just different and foreign enough to make it something that isn't run-of-the-mill, but it's nothing that is too exotic or would stand out too much in a mall or office building parking lot. In other words, it's ideal for inclusion in a music video of an average young woman, assuming we're going by "Hollywood" standards of average (which always mean prettier, more affluent, etc.)
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I think the car is just happy to be there, considering younger fans are more than likely totally uninterested in cars in general, and probably even less interested in niche 2 seater convertibles.

I'm genuinely curious as to how that particular Fiat ended up in the video. Was it Fiat's choice? Did Carly pick? On and on.
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The poor cat looks so confused.

My kitty doesn't look that confused. Just ... sleepy.
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I tend not to crush on pop stars and in particular I have never before seen the appeal of Carly Rae despite her excellent and sophisticated bops, but dude I sure am having gay feelings about her in that blue sequined two piece number and have been saddened by the implied hetero ending.
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I am always in support of Carly Rae. I went to a very sparsely attended concert of hers once and I feel like she needs more fandom.

And hey, multiple cats, cat underwear, whatever works, girl. It's a love song for your cat, and there's cats all over. Yeah.
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As long as we're enjoying videos about ailurophiles, let's take a moment to enjoy this complicated relationship between Bjork and her cat.
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Need more Shrampton? He makes a cameo in this Tegan and Sara video.
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Watching this made me feel like a tourist. What city is that outside her window? And who is this music for? I don't think it's for me, though it's not _bad_. Is it about being a 'crazy cat lady' but then she meets the guy, who only has one cat (the healthy number of cats)? Or was it all a cat-nip fueled dream? Is this something I'd have to have 'tiktok' or a fiat abarth to understand? There seems to be so much info that I just didn't get, last night I tried to show the teenagers Bowie with Joey Arias and Klaus Nomi singing backup circa 1979 SNL and, you know, it's not a tiny fraction as wildly weird as I remember it being. And Bowie was singing with real joy, it was freakin great. Watching this I couldn't help but wonder the same thing - she's doing great work and I really appreciate that but what on earth is everything else that's going on?

It's always interesting to check out things I otherwise would never in a billion years come across.
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I hate to get all milkshake duck about this, but if you look at his IG, it soon becomes apparent that Shrampton is an egregious manspreader. :(
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