A Series Of Tubes. Comfy, Lovely Tubes.
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Kratu the rescue dog just doesn't care. Rescue dogs are truly a breed of their own. This one just has to be the best in show, and the perfect antidote to another awful week.
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Thanks, doctor_negative.... same dog, slightly different video. I think mine has more tubes. :)
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[Fixed the link for real this time. ]
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Kratu is my personal hero.
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My rescue dog, who is also a reservation dog, is the best part of my life. My morning walks with her are the best part of my day. Long live Shakedown. No question this girl saved my life.
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The other dogs smile and laugh when I go in the tube and come out again eh?
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Gloriously fluffy, h*cken adorable. I dub him best of show!

This reminds me of taking my own rescue dog, a sato (street dog from Puerto Rico) to Nose Work classes, which teaches dogs to find treats and scents throughout the room in increasingly more challenging ways. It’s a really good way to build confidence in shy or reactive dogs. My doggo was so excited to meet the humans (their dogs were out of the room during his runs) and check in with me that he was clearly was the “worst” dog in class. He got progressively worse as the weeks went on while the other dogs were finding the treats in a maze of boxes and traffic cones and furniture tipped on the side. My guy was just there to be admired.

The best dog in class was a rescue dog from Mexico who was enthusiastic and incredible at sniffing out treats. It was such a joy to watch him work. And it was a joy to watch my big former street dog have a bunch of fun.
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Kratu just likes tubes, okay?
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I will defend Kratu with my life, he is an angel
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Who wouldn’t like to hang out in that tube?

What a bunch of liars you are.
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Man, my buddy Tribble fucking loves the tubes--but mostly because she likes to go through them at high speed over and over again. ZOOM ZOOM
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14/10 would hang in the tube with Kratu
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haha! <3 so much. I saw this earlier and forwarded it to my husband with the subject line, "Kratu the Unwilling."

Someone needs to do an "I lik the bred" for this.
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I loved both commentators saying how much fun the dog was having and how the point wasn’t if he could do it but that he had fun :-)
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I em the dug
Wen peple say
Run this wai
Be good boi and stay

I ryn an ryn
On a cours all my own
I hyde in tube
Til human gives bone
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Kratu is my hero.
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Same, Kratu. Same.
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(via Mashable, which notes, "You'd think Kratu would be a shoe-in since he's not really interested in completing the courses. He just wants to be seen.")
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