Everybody needs a hug today
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Do you feel that the world is full of hate and anger today?
Then watch 10 min. of animals hugging hoomans

Everybody needs a hug today
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Some of these are very sweet but so many of these are wild animals being put in unfair and unsafe positions. Hugging bears, lions, monkeys, bobcats, elephants, etc. is not adorable.
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That was a nice video. Most of these are adorable, though they may not all be ethical. Some animals I believe are more genuinely affectionate toward humans than others. I can buy the elephants, the cats (of all sizes), and the primates (what chimp wouldn't hug Jane Goodall?). Not so sure about the birds (except the chickens, which surprised me). And that snake...well, I don't mind snakes, but a hug from one would seem to not be based on affection.

What I'd really like to see is Kate Middleton or Meghan Markle getting up close and personal with a frog.
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I dunno. I mean, insofar as snakes can have emotions, I'm sure they can kind of feel affection. I used to have a pet ribbon snake and he definitely had preferred spots to ride around on people, and preferred people to ride with. He liked to hang out on my wrist, tied in a loose knot and ride slowly around the rooms. (He tied himself, not something I did, to be clear.) His very favorite spot was up on my sister's neck, under her hair. I doubt he had much cognitive recognition of us other than like "big/soft/warm/safe" or "wheeeeee", but he definitely sought out those positions over others and remained in them longer than chance would be plausible to explain.
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Metafilter: Kate Middleton or Meghan Markle getting up close and personal with a frog.
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The goat near the beginning is clearly drunk and some of these are more “prepping for lunch” than “hugging” but overall quite sweet.
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