Hotel Websites are turning into live Concierge Agencies
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Hotel Websites Poor hotel website presentation gradually ceases to exist, with more organized and advanced platforms taking their place, giving complete and targeted information to travelers about their chosen destination.

It is commonly known that the hotel is the main point of interest of travelers, and the place they trust the most when they want to ask for information related to their travel plan, something that the hotelier must be prepared to answer.
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This post was deleted for the following reason: Spammer; banned -- taz

Good community weblogs gradually cease to exist, with spam taking their place.
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Good posters gradually cease to exist, with banhammers coming down in their place.
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Hello, Metafilter Concierge? I’m trying to work out why my post was deleted. I paid my five bucks and thought I could just.......hello....hello?
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