The Orange Alternative: There Is No Freedom without Dwarfs
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The cheeky gnomes taking over Wrocław -- Cute as they may be, each statue is a nod to the Orange Alternative, an anti-Soviet resistance movement that helped bring down Poland’s oppressive communist regime in the 1980s (BBC Travel). By opposing conformism and consumerism with intelligent humour, the Orange Alternative (Pomaranczowa Alternatywa) movement achieved a considerable artistic victory over the Communist regime. Their continuing influence upon Polish political protest is noticeable to this day. (
Although it sounds like little more than a twee tourist gimmick, gnomes have long held a place in Polish folklore, and their current iconic incarnation as symbols of Wrocław actually has a direct correlation to the political climate of the 1980s. Under communism gnomes became the absurdist calling card of the 'Orange Alternative' movement – an underground protest movement that used absurdity and nonsense to stage peaceful, yet subversive protests. Armed with paint cans and led by Waldemar ‘Major’ Fydrych, an artist and art history student at Wrocław University, the group specifically ridiculed the establishment’s attempts to censor public space. During communism, any anti-establishment graffiti or public art was quickly painted over by the militia; upon seeing fresh daubs of paint, the pranksters of the Orange Alternative quickly painted over them yet again...with gnomes. As the movement gained popularity, gnomes became inexorably linked with the Orange Alternative and Wrocław, though they soon began appearing in other major Polish cities as well.
Gnomenclature: Wrocław's Gnomes (In Your Pocket)
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country roads take me gnome
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The article's description of the dwarf protests was really interesting in light of reading Nothing is True and Anything is Possible recently, which describes the way that Putin's Russia has coopted many disparate 'liberal' movements in the service of a kleptocratic state. As in, today the dwarf protests would be coordinated by the KGB, or the KGB would organize elven counter-protests, or something.
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As in, today the dwarf protests would be coordinated by the KGB, or the KGB would organize elven counter-protests, or something.

Sometimes I wonder if that's who's behind all the "ironic" tankie memers out there.
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Thanks for this -- I spotted a single Sisyphus when I passed through Wrocław in 2004.
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Wrocław is Poland at its most charming and, for many, its least pronounceable

More unpronounceable than, say, Łódź or Bydgoszcz, or the tongue-twister Szczebrzeszyn?

Wrocław may not roll off the English-speaking tongue, but in terms of Polish place names, it'd be at the beginner-to-intermediate level.
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I think the difficulty in pronouncing Wroclaw is really how innocuous it looks. Like, it seems totally pronounceable. Rock-law! Got it in o-- Wait. Where did that T come from? Was it made out of the missing L?

My Dad was born there, but back when it was Breslau.
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