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Ahead of the documentary film Being Frank: The Chris Sievey Story, the BBC are getting inside the head of the man who was Frank Sidebottom. Also if you are near Manchester there's an exhibition about Frank Sidebottom/Chris Sievey at the Central Library on now. Thank you.
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Here are two different views of Frank doing his interpretation of The Fall's "Hit the North" from the same concert.

Would love to go see that exhibition if only there weren't an ocean in the way.
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Goodness, he's a fellow Manc? I must try to get the children to Central Library.
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And it's worth noting, too, the Freshies stuff/solo stuff under Chris' own name, is AMAZING. Seriously. He shoulda been huge.
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Okay, we have the justification for the next MeFi meetup in Manchester. Iā€™d been meaning to go see this, Frank was an inspired artist of the highest and purest calling. Thanks Webbster, shall we get something moving?
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A few years ago, we had a local TV channel called Channel M. It was fairly unremarkable stuff.

But tune in to Channel M in the dead of night after the channel closedown and you'd see this...
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Before Frank Sidebottom became Frank, there was Chris Sievey who once released a single with a ZX81 BASIC program on the B side which, when synced with the music, served as the song's video - behold Camouflage!

(There was also a rather poor game which congratulated you on finishing it and invited you to call Chris on his home number. I crashed the game and read the code but never got the courage to call)
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served as the song's video


This rattled loose a memory of an old article about data on vinyl (very previously) which covers Chris's various games.
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For what it's worth, too, his games are pretty great for what they are. I'm especially fond of The Biz, a rock-band simulator thing. Sorta like Rock Star Ate my Hamster.
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When the movie Frank came out, and she found out about Frank Sidebottom, my wife (who is from Kobe) became fascinated with him went down the Sidebottom rabbithole on YouTube. When Bohemian Rhapsody came out I found her watching his Queen medley. She even made a pilgrimage to the statue. Osaka comedy is very similar, apparently.
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I loved Frank, but I have to admit I was really disappointed the soundtrack didn't feature any Chris Sievey songs. It seemed like a real opportunity to bring his music to people ā€” even though Frank was a really fictionalized version and not really Frank Sidebottom himself, but... yeah. It bugged me.
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From the things blog I found the Frankie Goes to Hollywood game Sievey made (link is playable in browser).
It's really cute!
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(The Things Blog is mistaken, sadly ā€” Sievey had nothing to do with the Frankie game, but it's still neat!)
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