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The Open Notebook is hosting a science-themed Peeps diorama contest. Tableaus include Peepola Tesla, the Peepiodic Table of the Elements, and Grace Hopper, Compeeper Scientist. Voting is open through March 26, and the gallery of entries is here. Not to be confused with the now-discontinued Washington Post Peeps diorama contest, previously on MetaFilter.
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Utterly peeposterous!
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Nice theme! I'm a peeps traditionalist, though, and am always disappointed when I see the bunny peeps instead of the original chick peeps. Part of the amusement value of a peeps diorama is setting up the original peeps - which are not vaguely humanoid and do not have arms and legs, or much of any sort of body definition, really - in poses approximating people.
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"Hidden Peeps" is very well done, as is "The Anatopeep Lesson" - but my favourite is "Scientists Peep Satellite Data to Save Peep-quins": such a beautiful picture of current science in action, complete with pink and blue sugar representing the actual colours of peep-quin peep.
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See also the venerable St. Paul Pioneer Press Peeps Diorama contest, which some friends of mine have been enthusiastically entering for years now.
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the peepguins are a pretty clever use of the trad peep in unorthodox form.
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Aw, I moved out of the DC area so I didn't know that the WP Peeps Diorama contest was gone.

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After the Washington Post discontinued the contest in 2017, the Washington City Paper decided to revive it. They ran contests in 2017 and 2018. Entries for 2019 are currently open.
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I am so happy that someone is bringing back the Peeps contest.
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