One Two Three! One Two Three! One Two Three! It's Up To You!
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The soundtrack and aesthetics of rhythm game series Rhythm Heaven lends itself to a lot of mashups, parodies, remixes, and reanimations (often called custom remixes, possibly to avoid confusion with the in-game Remix rounds). Some examples: Super Smash Bros (with a side-by-side comparison), switching out the minigames associated with a remix round, Touhou, STEINS:GATE, My Little Pony, Katamari Damacy, Splatoon, Pokemon, and a mashup of remixes.

Bonus: the wrestler game with Terry Crews, The Chongo Show's mega mashup albums Rhythm Nirvana, Rhythm Limbo, and Rhythm Purgatory, and a massive in-progress multi-artist project to reanimate every mini game.
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Rhythm Heaven Fever is one of the few Wii game I come back to time and time again. The one level that I consistently can't get my head round is the 'Love Rap', and I have no idea why.
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Wow, Rhythm Heaven mentioned on the blue! Two of my favorite things together!
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