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The guitar solo at the end of "Rosanna" by Toto. Should be way longer.
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Bowie's "Sound and Vision". It feels like it's just getting going, and then it fades out in the middle of the song.
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"She Hates Me" alternating with "Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer"
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I have been subjected to "Rosanna" a million times and never onced noticed the guitar solo. Noticing it does improve the song (very slightly.)
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My understanding is that the traditional method for making a song you like last forever is dropping acid, but sure, an algorithm seems to be the way we do anything anymore.
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I like how the answer here is a very simple Markov Chain. There's a lot of folks doing complex statistical machine learning for this stuff now. But if you just have a simple melody machine, creating variations with a Markov Chain makes a lot of sense.

I also like how this goes full circle on generative music. Aphex Twin was inspired by Eno's Music for Airports in making this particular piece, plus much of his ambient stuff. Eno in turn was doing generative music experiments at the time. The well is 41 years old here, if not older.
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This is interesting, and probably not too far off from how RD James himself composes some songs. I know he's made some music algorithmically in Max, although I don't know if he made whole songs that way, or just used algorithms for individual parts within a song, like drum patterns. Either way, this is an interesting approach, and very much in keeping with the fun, science-y obsessiveness I've seen with other IDM fans online.
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Er, what Nelson said.
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"Beginnings" (the Chicago song covered by) Astrud Gilberto...except it never ends.
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Who's gonna tell him that "Music For Airports" is a thing that exists?
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He writes about "Music For Airports" and generative music in general (ha!) here.
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The song I'd most like to hear extended is South Australian Border which evokes, for me, a moment that I want to go on for hours.

The song itself is brief and almost insubstantial but I do not believe it could be extended by machine-generated music.
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Heh. One time, I made an hourish-long edit of Katy Perry's I Kissed a Girl to troll my wife. Probably doesn't count, though.
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Two of my absolute favorite soundworlds. Every time I play one of these I feel like I've gone through ages of time in a few seconds.

NEU! - Hallogallo

Gabor Szabo - Mizrab (Live)

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Here you go.
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Oh! 2CB adds all sorts of marvelous time-stretching effects to music. I once lived a lifetime in William Orbit's adaptation of Adagio for Strings (from Pieces in a Modern Style). Delicious!
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That has to be the only time I've ever seen a Markov chain used to do something that wasn't pretty much pointless. I'd never heard of the band or the track that inspired him, but I don't think that matters much because I agree completely that it's perfect for playing while programming. I've bookmarked the player for when I'm bashing out code, thanks :)
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One alternative to truly generative music is simply repetitive music.
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The coda to "Layla."
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Here's the drum break from In the Air Tonight looped for 30 minutes, in case you're into that sort of thing.
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In the year 2000, i wrote a little program that used Markov chaining on melodies using HyperTalk (HyperCard had built-in music synthesis commands), but burnt out on inputting enough melodies (such as the entire Beatles catalog) for it to really become fun to play with. Never distributed it.

A bit more fun was a generator of chord progressions, not using Markov chaining but the “rules” of Western diatonic music with parameters that would allow you to adjust the output. It produced plausibly human-written progressions that could easily be banged out on the guitar or piano though ultimately boring, as generative music often is.
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Way back in the 1970s part of my job as Assistant/Gofer for a Big Time Morning Radio Personality was to do some slight-of-hand magic in the editing studio, including looping the intros to popular songs so they could be used as "instrumental beds" for live commercials or monologues (up to 3 minutes). The only ones I liked enough to want to never end were "Lowdown" by Boz Scaggs and "Baker Street" by Gerry Rafferty (which my boss vetoed because the sax was too loud),
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Any song I feel this way about I just repeat until I get sick of it. Then years later I hear it again and can just really enjoy it without getting it stuck on focus again. There have been times where I've looped a section of a song because I especially enjoyed those parts, wish I'd kept a better record of them, at least to remember but also because it seems like a logical collection of sounds to pull from if I ever get around to making music.
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Recently, John Frusciante's "Wayne" has been massaging my soul. It's a decent 10 minutes or so, but I feel it could go on even longer.
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Many. For me it's all about music that, for lack of a better word, evokes some sort of transcendence. And that sensation is so compelling. Siren calls to let go of the world and float downstream in whatever bright moment the sound has conjured up in my head. These are very much spatial sensations, feelings as if gravity has lessened, if only for the moment. And they can evoke joyous, depressing, or any number of hard to describe emotions.

Erik Satie's Gymnopédie No. 1, is one. It's also an example of how, in some ways, it's good I don't have an infinite mix, because the melancholic nature of the work soaks in over time, and it's hard for me to not imagine it as music to be played at my funeral while I watch, disembodied, unobserved, from the shadows. And probably I don't need a button I can push to summon Infinite Funeral Fantasy.
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OTOH, earworms. When that happens to songs I like, I HATE it. So then I had to learn to listen to a 'gorilla earworm' that ate other earworms.

GOML: There are a lot of modern attempts at music (I will not dignify) that create four bars, then repeat those 4 bars three more times. With NO VARIATIONS at all. If you think that little of us, STFU. This is the sound of a DAW looping those bars. This is lazy-ass shit, and it irritates me.

ALMOST as much as having Cohen's "Hallelujah" stuck in my head.
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C Am F G
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Underworld - Ring Road. But, yeah, almost anything Aphex.
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Or Underworld - Rez. Almost anything Underworld.
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Aww...”Stephen Wolf”


Dang autocorrect.

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I get much the same effect by putting my favorite Two Steps From Hell tracks into a shuffled playlist. Or all of Chillhop Records seasonal collections, also in a shuffled. For the first time in decades of trying I've actually found near-ambient music I can work to. Better than cafe sounds.

But seriously (though I do listen to the playlists I mention), this is pretty good stuff, and I'm bookmarking it.
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In case anyone hasn't found it, he has a bunch of other ones here.
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This is a tough and interesting question, because like GoblinHoney, I have the tendency to just put an unbelievable song on repeat for a long time. But sometimes when you do that, the magic goes away. I think that what makes some songs so effective is that there's something surprising in their structure, and once you figure it out it doesn't work anymore.

If I was going to do this to an Aphex song, I'd pick Next Heap With. That one really resonates with me. It sounds like a mysterious journey!

Other songs I would put in the magical song extender machine:
Force of Nature: Aquatic
Ulrich Schnauss: Monday Paracetamol
Boards of Canada: ROYGBIV
Amalgamation of Soundz: La Cugina
RJD2: The Proxy
Wagon Christ: Accordion McShane

I guess theoretically we could create software in the future that is smart enough to trawl through existing recordings and snip and assemble them into EBN type jams. I'm sure it would generate a lot of trash, but probably some interesting stuff too.
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Did someone say, "songs that last forever"? How about Thick as a Brick by Jethro Tull!
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The linked article is why I don't like Aphex Twin; he talks a lot of guff in interviews about making a new scale, or dreaming his music, or... whatever. But also you can recreate (some of) what he does with a reverb effect and a markov chain.
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Did someone say, "songs that last forever"? How about Thick as a Brick by Jethro Tull!

When I was a freshman in college, I was one of the many volunteer DJs at WXYC. One of my stoner friends always used to come in and suggest that I put on "Thick as a Brick" so we could leave the studio and go smoke at the arboretum. Apparently it became a tradition.

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"A departure from the synthy dance tunes which make up the majority of Aphex Twin’s catalog,"

Lost me.
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Easy Star All Stars: On the Run (J.Viewz Remix)

Air: Don't Be Light

...and nearly all of the Fury Road soundtrack.
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Pretty surprised nobody here has linked to Infinite Jukebox, which pretty much does exactly this for most any song you can think of with a spiffy interface to match.
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