When you feel lousy, puppy therapy is indicated.
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National Puppy Day was March 23rd. Let's begin our belated celebration with this adorable comic. Follow it with a nice photo collection from The Atlantic. Finish with Popsugar's offering: 60+ puppies on a single page.
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Title by Sara Paretsky.
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Be it known:

When I finally come into my namesake and found my empire, the second picture from the third link is exactly what my Imperial Guard is going to look like.

The Empress has spoken.
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One minute of life with a litter of vallhund puppies

Warning: I will not be held accountable for your feelings and/or urges in response to my sexy sexy slipper-socks.
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"If only one of us knew how to chew bones!"
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My partner is not a "dog person" in any way, shape or form. We have to wonderful cats, but I've always wanted a dog of my own, and that won't happen until he learns to love dogs (he's a little scared of them, TBH).

This weekend, he's dog-sitting at his sister's house for an old, snuggly yellow lab and a young, boisterous black lab, and I'm hoping this is the turning point where he comes home and says, "I SUDDENLY UNDERSTAND WHY YOU LOVE DOGS SO MUCH!!!"

Probably won't happen, but dogs are known to cause miracles.
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Whoa, can we get this post pinned at the top of the...

*sigh* Never mind, got confused there for a minute when I saw all those doggos.

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Holding out hope for you, xingcat - labs are the gateway dogs, after all...
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