Randy buys a bookshelf off Gumtree
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Randy buys a bookshelf off Gumtree Randy is a purple puppet. From Australia. Who swears a lot while telling funny stories.
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Very satisfying. Randy knows how to tell a story.
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Oh my god I considered posting this and thought, 'nah, this isn't Metafilter's style'.

It's my style. It's very good. Randy's puppeteer is very good at puppeteering, too!
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Never enough Randy. Makes me laugh as much as any human comedy act. :-)
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Fantastic. Thanks.
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As a fledgling puppeteer, I am in absolute awe at the fact that Randy did a full-length one-man (one-puppet, I guess) show at the Fringe, with such incredible puppetry and real character work. Just a delight.
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That was some great work. Morgan is fucking terrifying so maybe laughter was very conflicted. Randy is a great puppet and a good storyteller.
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More Randy Feltface
One thing that distracts me with a good puppet is when he has two rods controlling his two hands and the puppetmaster makes them both work very well and independently, even though we know he only has one hand to do it. And Randy is even better at it than any of the Kermit operators I've seen. Great adlibbing, interaction with audience members (that I don't know how the puppeteer behind the desk can see), a solid personality that swears frequently but not superfluously, and an ingenious face design that at first looks so neutral but becomes so expressive. He'll totally bypass Sesame Street on his way to Broadway.
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a) This is hilarious

b) Randy is a fascinating exploration of the minimum amount of detail a humanoid figure can have and still hit the uncanny valley if its movements are realistic enough.
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His summary of Hemingway's life is also great.
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There's more.
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"Morgan is the opposite of fine" has now become part of my inner monologue.

It may or may not also include Morgan's laugh.
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