Killing time with beauty
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La Petite Mélancolie
Killing time with beauty one click at a time (NSFW) mainly in french but hey pictures don´t need words!
I'm not even going to start. Just get in there and enjoy your timesink.
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I would treasure an ampule containing 50cc of Parisian air.
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Very pleasant; thank you.
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The outfits and the hairstyles totally throw me off, especially in the ballet grouping. They look like 2019 but say 1923. For the most part. On the the other hand, if you want to look to me like you are from 1923 and you are a lady, put on one of those flat hats tugged low on your head. Boom you are from the '20s, even if you are wearing a flippy shirt and jeggings.
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I wish some of these guys were around now, because I'd love to see what Dali and Magritte would do with Photoshop and memes and YouTube. I feel like we'd have more Cyriaks!
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