Slab Crappie Hyperactive Minnow
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My dad was a fly fisherman...

So I know how to tie flies. About the only manual artistic skill I am competent in.

Yet, I hate fishing. :)
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Have you tried fishing in the Euro style?
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And so on.
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Commercially sold flies average around three dollars a piece, and you need a selection in various sizes and colors (or you don't catch trout, who care about things like size and color.) And about a third of your beautifully crafted flies will end up stuck in trees or behind rocks within three minutes of tying them on. There are a lot of bugs to imitate. Tying your own is the practical solution. Also: your fingers won't smell like worms.

"Euro style" is probably this guy's own term for what we call "Czech nymphing" which is not a sub-genre of Slavic erotica but the practice of chucking heavy sinking flies into fast deep alpine water and dredging up fish on a very short line. It was developed during the late communist era by Carpathian Polish fishermen who used semi-truck antennas for fishing poles.
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The Infamous Mop Fly

... in case anyone needs a new sockpuppet account ...
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A friend of mine ties both saltwater and fresh water flies. They are beautiful. I've been trying to get him to give me some fir displaying in a shadow box since I don't like to fish.

Not getting anywhere with the flies for display concept but he ties "flies" (sans hook) for the kitties on occasion. This is highly appreciated.
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I was pleasantly surprised that the music accompanying the Slab Crappie Hyperactive Minnow was utterly inoffensive supermarket music.

But the fly names? These are fly names: Pale Watery Dun, Tup's Indispensible, Coch y Bonddu, Greenwell's Glory, Cinnamon Sedge … It was a real and pleasant surprise to happen upon a solidly blue-collar fishing store in central Michigan that was was a haven for small-stream dry fly. Seems that the techniques refined on the English chalk streams work well for fishing for food in the motor belt.
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Latex Scud
Chewie Trout Streamer
Schroeder's Parachute Caddis Fly
Sonic Boom Fly
Darling Darting Damsel
Sugar Pop Fly
Slab Crappie Hyperactive Minnow

Once you've started your new band, here are your upcoming album names
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I don't fly fish and have never been interested in learning, but I've enjoyed the couple of times I have tried tying flies and have considered taking it up just as a low-key evening hobby.
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MetaFilter: not a sub-genre of Slavic erotica
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This is definitely in my wheelhouse. I don't fish, but I love everything about fly tying. If you like these you may also be interested in a fly tying program from PBS that I was mesmerized by 30+ years ago (and still am). Fly Tying, The Angler's Art. The episodes on the PBS site won't play for me because they are region locked, but they also seem to have several episodes available on YouTube. ASMR does nothing for me, but I can watch fly tying videos all day long.
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Help I seem to have woken up in a parallel universe where none of the words I'm familiar with seem to mean what they used to mean. I am going to attempt to ask where the restroom is and not get my ass kicked.

Slab crappy glory dropping? Break camp?
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ASMR does nothing for me, but I can watch fly tying videos all day long.

Yeah, I find these comforting in a Bob Ross sort of way - somebody creating something while they calmly talk you through what they're doing.
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