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Geraldine DeRuiter has thoughts on being nominated for a James Beard award. "I told Rand that while I realize that this nomination is already a remarkable thing, I very much want to win for one very specific reason: I’m pretty sure the award is a round medal on a ribbon. Which means you can wear it to a fast food restaurant. While still in your pajamas. And when people ask what it is, you say that it is a James Beard Award for culinary excellence which you got because you were really mad at institutionalized sexism and also Mario Batali’s cinnamon rolls."

Geraldine DeRuiter, previously
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Because of this post I read three of her pieces tonight including the liked article. She's fun to read. She has an interesting perspective on all kinds of things. I'm glad she's writing! Thanks for the post, I laughed to tears during one of the pieces I read!
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Because of this post I read three of her pieces tonight including the liked article.

Me too. I have no idea how I missed the original article. I like her writing a lot.

How does one win then? Or is being nominated basically like, you didn't win? Is there a thing I can click to help her win? Because I want her to win.
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Light candles, burn incense, kill a chicken... you know all the usual things.
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My mom got one of these, possibly twice, back in the late 90s or early 2000’s. I was too young to appreciate exactly what it all meant, and certainly didn’t quite grasp just how great her food actually was. I wish I knew where it ended up. I’m sure it’s in this house somewhere…
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I suppose I have to read the article to find out why she's mad at cinnamon rolls.
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Here’s the piece about why she’s mad at Mario Batali’s cinnamon rolls, for your edification.
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And now that I’m finished for now with My Life As A Middle-aged Linkbot, that piece is savage and so very good and points out a lot of things about misogyny, covert and overt and internalized.

And don’t make those cinnamon rolls. If Batali did he’d never have serves them (and he’s a hack anyway).

(His parents seem nice - at least they were pleasant and polite at their place in Seattle.)
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Perhaps I have misunderstood the concept of tough love. I don’t really know.
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I started clicking through older posts and discovered this is the same person with the angry socks. She's good.
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It’s not the cinnamon rolls she’s mad at.
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I really love her blog, and I keep forgetting to check it out, so thank you for the reminder (I now have more posts to read)!! I agree that we should find a way to petition for her to win the award, so we can have reports about how she wore it out to eat.
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Chalk up one more who discovered her via the Batali piece and kept on reading. She's fantastic.

But Gorgik you spelled her name wrong in the post. Twice, actually. You spelled it "Geraldine DeRuiter." The correct spelling is "James Beard Award Nominee Geraldine DeRuiter."

Perhaps we can get a mod to fix?
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God, I hope she wins.
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On the one hand I hope she wins, on the other I fear the flood of shrill manbaby temper tantrums that such an event would unleash upon her head.
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I love this a lot, and James Beard Award Nominee Geraldine DeRuiter is my new favorite person of the day. Also, she has a book.
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This is fantastic and fuck I hope she wins.
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I really love her blog, and I keep forgetting to check it out

If you have an RSS reader, just subscribe to the link below and you will not have to remember to check. Leaving the link as plaintext for compatibility reasons.

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How did I not know this brilliant woman existed until now? How much of her archive can I blaze through this afternoon? At the very least I have now subscribed to her blog and have requested her book from the library.
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Do you understand? The essay that won the award and the essay that didn’t win (because it was never submitted) are exactly the same. The pieces that never see the light of day because no editor wants them and the pieces that go viral are the same pieces. If someone rejects your work, it doesn’t mean it’s not wonderful. If your work doesn’t win awards, it doesn’t mean it’s not incredible. Maybe it still needs a little work. Maybe the people in charge weren’t quite ready for it yet. Maybe the right people aren’t in charge yet. Maybe someone hasn’t scared you into realizing your own greatness.

This was great.
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Oh god the way she ends that post with a pep talk for writers makes me want to cry.
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(cry in a "holy shit that is what I needed to hear and I didn't even know I needed to hear that until I heard it" kind of way, mind you)
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