Guava Island
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Donald Glover (Childish Gambino) and Rihanna (Rihanna) star in the ~1h long film Guava Island [clip], which premiered at Coachella this year. It's available to stream for free on Amazon until 9pm EST TODAY (after that, available on the Amazon Prime video streaming service). It features several new songs, and new takes on old songs. If you appreciated This Is America, this is for you [NPR article].
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This Vox article says it will briefly be available free on YouTube and Twitch as well.

Reviews are positive: New York Times, Variety. Sounds like another hard-to-pin-down Glover production. I'm all in for that, the man is phenomenally talented.
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From that NYT article: it feels very much like a movie a bunch of friends thought up late one night, perhaps while sharing a blunt, as a party was winding down. This is meant as a compliment.

1) Yes, this is true.
2) Today's NYT is not the NYT of 20 years ago.
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The opening animation seemed in the style of the original Arch Bible Stories which I bet Glover has seen.

I love watching Donald Glover dance. It's mesmerizing, creative, and beautiful, but it's seated in a graceful, almost fierce awkwardness that betrays his Jehovah's Witness influenced childhood.

I want my transistor radio back. They seem so much more joyous than this shitty phone.

There has never been anything as magnificent and powerful as a blue Kofi in mourning, telling Red, We got our day.

I like this movie. It was beautiful, magical, sad, and powerful. I'd def recommend.
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I really enjoyed this but no Rihanna singing was a shame!
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i definitely spent an hour in anticipation waiting for Rihanna to sing
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Six seasons and a movie...?
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i definitely spent an hour in anticipation waiting for Rihanna to sing

This was the Donald Glover show, featuring Donald Glover.

And Rihanna.

It felt like an extended music video, and that's not a bad thing. It was enjoyable, but a waste of Rihanna. And just about everyone else, too.
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