I'll dance at your quinceanera, wedding. . . divorce party.
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Fictional Houston personality Tio Choko creates delightful and thoroughly silly dance videos largely filmed in privately-owned public spaces and the street. He also occasionally dabbles in celebrity impressions, live events, holiday greetings and public transit advertisements.
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This guy is incredibly Houston.
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I think I'm in love.
Absolutely Wonderful Fun!

/and I love his duster (coat).
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Ok this is outstanding. Thank you for introducing me to him!
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Some days, I miss Houston.
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What talent and what a lighthearted approach! Thank you for opening a door I didn't know existed...
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This is super fun, he is an excellent dancer! Thanks for posting!!

One of my good friends is pressuring me to have a trip/party when my divorce is finalized. Houston is now on the shortlist. I'd dance with Tio Choko all night.
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Ok, I spent way too much time watching these videos and don’t really get it (what is the fictional backstory?). But I truly loved this one, where he goes to Zumba class. Dude can dance!

Thanks for sharing!
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I want more public transit promotional ads!
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If there is a fictional backstory, beyond "this guy has a hat and a big keyboard," I don't know it. I used the word, "fictional," because he uses it. And, I suppose, because I'm suspicious that his mustache might not be real and his buddies might not actually be trademarked superheros. But, it's also true 50% of his videos are sketch comedy that I've not really paid much attention to, so there could be a backstory there that I don't know.

I learned about this guy through a high-school facebook friend with whom I share absolutely no other interests. I think this means I can never leave facebook. I'm also a bit sad that my wedding happened before Tio Choko existed. I'm not sure it's worth getting a divorce over. But, perhaps we could do a same-day twofer with another wedding.
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Metro does not need any more riders during Rodeo, Tío Choko! It's plenty busy when I'm just trying to commute. Other than that, I am delighted to admit that I've probably walked right past this guy filming one of his videos and never noticed. Gotta love Houston.
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