Large Hadron Collider Begins Curling Metal
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This is a nice tune. I love drum and bass.

Re:the video. I went from "Oh, this is going to be a meme video" to "YES CLIPPY, DESTROY IT ALL!!!" to realizing it was a depiction of the early-to-middle phases of the paperclip singularity.
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Perfect post title.
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I never turned against Clippy as so many had, so his comeback was satisfying, but I was kinda hoping he'd stab the Twitter bird. Still his alliance with Poop Emoji was good. And the whole thing needed more Doge. But it is no longer EVER safe to turn off your computer.
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Also you can tell this is from before 2016 because there's no mention of you-know-who.
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Is it time?—is the '90s retro phase starting?! Things have been very '80s for a while and I've enjoyed that but I've been waiting waiting for the styles and references to progress to the next decade. I dug this video and hope it's at the start of a trend.

My body is ready.
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It should be noted, if your website's chatbot approaches users like Clippy... you are doing it wrong... the same thing with your upbeat automated customer service line.

Most importantly, if you mistake the AI you've made as the next big thing, don't be surprised when Clippy comes for you...
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Heh - I'm just reading Space Opera in which clippy, um, makes an appearance ....
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I just got an image of a temple in the distant future, in which a giant statue of Clippy looms over an altar.

The stained glass windows depict episodes from his life...
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I don't understand how the Large Hadron Collider even got onto the sheet, even less how it could slide the rocks down the ice and win the medal.

Oh wait, I misread. Nevermind.
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Oh, and can pick a lock.
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Save us, Clippy.
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And Clippy will look down and whisper, “No.”
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I just got an image of a temple in the distant future, in which a giant statue of Clippy looms over an altar.

"It looks like you're trying to start a religion. Would you like a savior?"
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Whenever I hear about Clippy, I'm always reminded of the story about the woman who talked to Clippy. It's really haunting.
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Is it time?—is the '90s retro phase starting?!
I don't know where you live, cyclopticgaze, but in my local reality, 90's retro has been in full swing for at least 4 or 5 years, if not longer. Generally the "retro" wave is about 20 years behind present time, and I think that number has been decreasing, so I'm even starting to see some early-00's retro-nostalgia appearing.
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Got a GGate vibe from the ending which was kind of off-putting. I watched a couple more videos from the group, and both had similar story structures: our hero is innocent/penitent, perceives a wrong, goes into RAGE MODE, and murders someone. Ok.

Some neat aesthetic tho. (One of them I recognized as the Kings of Power 4 Billion% guy Paul Robertson.)
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Same here on the GGate vibe from the end where Clippy is attacking the (female) Siri analog with a deluge of garbage. Unfortunate to hear it may be deliberate and non-ironic use of nerdrage.
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