No Measure of Health
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No Measure of Health profiles Kyle Magee, an anti-advertising activist from Melbourne, Australia, who for the past 10 years has been going out into public spaces and covering over for-profit advertising in various ways. Recently, he painted over the advertising video screens at Melbourne Central station with a modified fire extinguisher.
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Hang on, I gotta update all of my wish lists.
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I am so 100% here for this. I really loathe advertising intensely, and especially in places where it is designed to be inescapable. Don't get me started on the televisions inside taxi cabs that blare crap at my face from 8 inches away and lack a functioning *off* button. Cheers to this person for doing something about it. The statement on the linked page is also (and this is showing my biases / low expectations I guess) rather coherent and well-said regarding the motivations and logic behind the protest.
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As a former television commercial director and Communication major, I approve of this message.

I hope someone discovers a method to ban/disconnect/eliminate the gigantic billboards continually flashing video ads on roads all over the USA. Soon.
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What can you do with those giant full vehicle wraps that blight busses and trains? They're ugly enough from the outside, but from the inside they inevitably block 50% of the light coming in. I was shocked when I was in DC and wanted to ride one of the tourist Hop-On-Hop-Off busses; even these things built for sightseeing had sight-obstructing full vehicle wraps. Hideous.

Advertisements are mind viruses. Nearly any measure is appropriate to protect yourself from them.
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Props to this dude for taking a stand. We should not have to commodify every inch, or even most inches, of our public spaces in order to have them.
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He is one of the good ones.
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He needs to work on the engineering of his paint thrower.
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A few years ago there was a squat, pro-life billboard featuring a 5 or 6 month old baby, using the same emotionally manipulative bullshit they all do. It infuriated me. I'd thought about getting a paintball gun to try and at least show that it wasn't welcome, but I moved and it's no longer there. This guy is much more dedicated than me. More power to him. He's %100 in the right
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Come here to recommend The Monkey Wrench Gang. It's nice to see the ideas being carried forward.
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I typed out an snarky response and a thoughtful response to this. Then, I remembered Emily Heller got that shit right talking about fitness goals.
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> I hope someone discovers a method to ban/disconnect/eliminate the gigantic billboards continually flashing video ads on roads all over the USA

I don't understand how they're legal, they're so distracting.
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There's a whole lot of these peeps back in the day with billboards as well... Props to my home state of maine which has zero billboards.

I took a very small part in a couple art shows with Public Ad Campaign many years ago, coordinated multi city takeovers with lots of small artists doing pieces that were then put into bus station ad windows. They also have a guide to the sets of keys that open bus terminal ad spots in various cities.
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Seapking of those horrible vehicle wraps, there is a related activist group in Melbourne called tramclean that goes around trying to pull those off.
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My hero. The screen I stand next to every evening has yet to be cleaned. It makes my day.

Some background to his comment:

the screens used to play advertising interspersed with segments from sky news (the pay-TV news channel that makes the free-to-air corporate news look progressive) but now they are playing ads interspersed with bullshit american celebrity news, which is perhaps a marginal improvement

The Victorian government ordered Sky News off screens in our train stations 'amid a sustained backlash to the broadcaster’s decision to interview the far-right extremist Blair Cottrell [...] the broadcaster was accused of “normalising racism and bigotry”' (yep, pretty much constantly).
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Pepsi plans to use cubesats to display ads in the night sky from Boing Boing sounds too bizarre to be real but how can Magee cover this one up?
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