Nice Canadian boy goes up and down stairs
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Andy Anderson wears a helmet. Andy Anderson goes up and down stairs.
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Andy Anderson explains in great detail.
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I will, eventually, watch the whole thing because ofcourseIwillwatchthewholething. I just have to point out though that while the youtube title says "Vancouver Trip" those clearly the steps coming down from the fountain in Centennial Square behind City Hall in Victoria.

Also? I think I fractured something just from watching that. I'll go get some advil before continuing.
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It's like a skater trifecta, what with the perpetual motion effect up and down the stairs, the "duuuuude" & the swiveling pinkie-thumb up "Shaka" all in the space of a few seconds.
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As somebody who's never been a skateboard person, I have to say his skating was pretty impressive -- and that under-the-bridge skate park was pretty nifty. Rad, even.

I like his safety-first orientation: "Dude, there are so many head hazards!"
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I think this is the head hazard link you were looking for.

So far I haven't seen him playing any of the mean social games that guys feel compelled to play with each other whenever a group larger than 3 gets together. I like that.

Plus, he's immensely talented. And eager to share and teach.

I hope he stays this way, despite everything in our culture pushing in the other direction.
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I think this is the head hazard link you were looking for.

D'oh! Yep. I messed up the copy paste of the current time URL.
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Andy Anderson explains in great detail .

I love Carlos Lastra.
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There's something just so... cool about skateboarders and mountain bikers and surfers. They don't really have anything profound to say, but they're just so laid back and modest, I love it.

If they were suddenly put in charge of everything, I don't know that we would advance our technology much, but I think the world would be a MUCH better place. I can just picture the 'Skater UN'

Skater Ambassador - "Dude, it seems like there's a lot of people who don't have houses and enough food and shit."
Mountain Biker Ambassador - "Aren't we spending, like, a shit ton on missiles and tanks and stuff? Why don't we, you know, stop doing that and spend that money on houses and food?"
The one organized girl - Motion passed. The chair recognizes the representative of the surfers for their speech on... (checks files) weed.
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