The UN Atlas of the Oceans
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The UN Atlas of the Oceans provides information on a wide range of topics relating to the world's oceans, such as geography, economic uses and environmental issues (here's a BBC article about the atlas.) Another nice site about the oceans is the Blue Planet web companion to the gorgeous Discovery/BBC TV series of the same name. Sadly, the threat to coral reefs may soon rob the oceans of some of their more spectacular biological diversity.
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Actually, I don't care for that UN Atlas site at all. I've spent 20 minutes trying to find information on seasonal temperature variations on the Atlantic Seaboard (AKA, when is my beach going to get warm water, hee hee), and when I do get close to the information I want, the interface goes buggy in IE5/Mac. I'm going to go spend 5 bucks on google answers.
posted by RJ Reynolds at 1:28 PM on June 25, 2002

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