"This is stressing me out!"
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If you've ever tried a recipe and wondered why it wasn't as easy as the video made it seem, you may appreciate the Behind Tasty series on YouTube.

How many tries does it take to cast a chocolate sphere? How do you cut smoothly through a crepe cake using a fork? Croissants are hard, mirror glaze seems temperamental, and 100 layers of anything is questionable.
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100-Layer Lasagna Challenge

"We're gonna need a bigger oven."
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My bff made a mirror cake, so I just sent her the link to that one. I think it will make her feel very good that it only took her 2 attempts and not 4.
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“That doesn’t look like a galaxy...”

“Have you ever been to space?”
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Those were really fun to watch! Thanks for posting :)
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On that last one, why is the cheesecake not baked? Where are the eggs and sour cream and philly cream cheese? It is an interesting idea and (by the end) nicely executed, but it is not a cheesecake in the way that I know cheesecake.
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No-bake cheesecake is definitely a thing. It’s the only way we made it, growing up. No fiddly water baths. Hey, grandma had been baking for 80 years. She was tired, ok?

(Note: I don’t even like New York style cheesecake these days. A nice dry Italian cheesecake or gtfo.)
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Where... philly cream cheese

It looks like she has it in the bowl.

No Bake Cheesecake, though different then the one that is made in the video, was what I grew up with as well. I actually didn't know baked cheesecake until we moved to the big city. Ours is a bit different in that we don't use gelatin (which is an interesting idea) - cream cheese, icing sugar, and whipped cream (my Great Grandmother used Dream Whip). Base can be made with graham cracker crumbs but we often make a sort of cookie out of butter, sugar, nuts and/or gluten free oats - that part is usually not baked but sometimes it is depending on what we're doing. When my partner makes it she'll sometimes flavour the cake part with a bit of an alcohol when she whips the together but not always. She uses way less sugar then my great grandmother did. Top with seasonal or canned fruits or left plain. The beauty of it is that it can be made in about 15 minutes if you're organised.
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Hmmm color me intrigued.

Can someone link to their definitive/favorite no-bake cheesecake recipe?
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Tasty has a reputation of stealing most of its recipes from other food writers. I can't justify giving them ad revenue. I don't enjoy being "that person" but feel it necessary to comment so that others can read/research and come to their own conclusions.
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There's also an entertaining Behind Tasty Japan series (with English cc) if you enjoyed this one.
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