Very Thin Ice
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To celebrate the 10 year anniversary of Autotune the News, Schmoyoho a.k.a Andrew Gregory has traveled back in time to finish his duet with Katie Couric about Climate Change.

The duet started in Autotune the News #2, previously on metafilter
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I remember Autotune the News #2 and the "very thin ice" section, which made me cry the first time I heard it -- not just for the message, but for the way it lifted off in a beautiful, haunting musical setting of the text. I bought the song and played it over and over...

Autotune #2 also had a section about gay marriage, and Sec State Clinton refusing to negotiate with pirates... but "very thin ice" was the transcendent bit.
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Same. Katie Coric autotunes so well. First thing i thought when saw the post title was "Autotune the News"
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I literally gasped out loud! I went to school with this dude, loved Autotune the News from the beginning, and STILL sing the OG Couric "verse" to myself on the regular. Lovely, hilarious, melodic at once. proreader: oh how perfect that "very thin ice" bit was! I cannot wait to get to some headphones and watch this.
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Yo, #2. Imma let you finish but #5 was one of the best autotunes of all time!!

(Seriously. That song gets stuck in my head more than any other. Me, atheist who wants borders to fall, has Joe Biden singing “God bless America!” stuck in her head for days at a time. *sob*)
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Soon, we all be gettin’ blessed by Joe Biden from spaaaace!

YT Link.

On preview, what greermahoney said. :-P
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I knew I liked you, darkstar.
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It's the smoooooke, the smooooooke.

Sticks with you. Ten years???
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I'm a real fan of #8. Joe Biden throwing down, a dragon chart, and those geese are cooked. (And even a little bit of very thin ice too.) Simpler times.
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#6 or GTFO, peeps. "Hell No, Hell No, Hell Nooooo!", "freedom, FREEDOM", etc. Their best mix in my view.
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I have a chart.

I have a mullet.

I needed this. Thanks.
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Obama goes Ham is still in my rotation.
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Winston Churchill backed by a band from the future is one of my favorites.
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Put me down as another #8 stan. The way all the pieces come together at the end is amazing.
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I was just telling one of my kids about these guys a couple of days ago.

*large heart emoji*
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It's the smoooooooooooooooooooooooooke!
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If this kind of thing is your kind of thing you might also enjoy some of the contributions of Red Symons, who has been making them on and off since 2006.
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The 45 era has not been funny, but space force is such an earworm
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Whoa, I didn't realize I had heard #5 before, but hearing it now took me right back to the summer ten years ago when I moved to the city where I live. It was such a good summer for silly pop music!

I was 22 then, and I'm 32 now, and my life is so much better than I could ever have imagined. Thinking about that, and seeing the juxtaposition of Andrew Gregory ten years ago and now in the anniversary video, is a lot more moving than I expected from this post. The march of time sure is a whole thing, apparently.
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#10. The other wall we must build: A Turtle Fence.
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Obama mike drop Could be about 2019
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All the links in this thread are really wonderful if you’re lit
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Bad hombres, nasty women
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really wonderful if you’re lit

There are things we do not know
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