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5 Minutes That Will Make You Love the Piano. The NY Times asked their favorite artists and writers for 5 minute piano pieces that exemplify the joys of piano.
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We didn't have a Piano Day post this year, did we?
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Emahoy Tsegué-Maryam Guèbrou’s ‘The Homeless Wanderer would be my first pick so nice to see it on the list.

Since that one is already there, I'll throw in Monk's Straight, No Chaser. Unfortunately, I don't think he ever does it as a solo piece.

And if there's any piano music experts in the thread... anyone know the composer of the solo piano track that plays during the bank robbery of the film The Princess and the Warrior. Never been able to find out the answer to that question (it's not on the soundtrack or listed in the credits).
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No Bill Evans? Seriously??
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Solid list, but I would have picked some Ravel, probably Sonatine No. 2.
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I love a piano, I love a piano
I love to hear somebody play
Upon a piano, a grand piano
It simply carries me away
I know a fine way to treat a Steinway
I love to run my fingers o'er the keys, the ivories
And with the pedal I love to meddle
Not only music from Broadway
I'm so delighted if I'm invited
To hear a long-haired genius play
So you can keep your fiddle and your bow
Give me a P-I-A-N-O, oh, oh
I love to stop right beside an upright
Or a high toned baby grand!

--Irving Berlin
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Here's a Spotify link to the list as created by "nytimes."
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No Bill Evans? Seriously??

Bill Evans: I Loves You, Porgy [5:51, 1963]
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That's an interesting version, though it's not my favorite as it seems a bit like he's noodling while searching for inspiration before finally relaxing into it for the last minute or so.

Not a solo recording, but this classic version feels more introspective and poignant to me.
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Came here to post China Gates, realized it made it into the NYT article. Excellent.
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I've never heard China Gates before, but wow, what a composition that can get really out there with its harmonies and dissonance while still sounding very listenable, rather than so many odder compositions that seem to revel in being inscrutable and arcane.
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I can't think what I'd choose. Rachmaninov's Prélude op. 23 no. 2; or Scriabin's Étude Op. 8, No. 8. Or maybe even Kitsch-Musik (II) by Valentin Silvestrov; or, a bit more unusual: The Banshee by Henry Cowell, or...
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It's a bit obvious, but since it's not on the list, a good emotional recording of Debussy's "Claire de Lune" would in my opinion convince anyone that the piano is a direct line to the heart. I love the Music Animation Machine one for several reasons.
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Erik Satie's Danses de Travers makes a pretty winsome 5 minutes of piano.
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I know lots of the classical piano repertoire, love lots of it, and have many individual pieces that I pull out to listen to like joining old friends.

But when I read "5 Minutes That Will Make You Love the Piano", my first immediate thought wasn't Mendelssohn or Haydn or Bartók or Faure or Poulenc or Prokoffiev or any of them.

Fox Amoore, Flow.

The first time I heard it, I started out impatient with the light, music-box sound. And then within five minutes I felt wonder in a way that music hadn't done for me in a long time.
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The entirety of Ravel's "Le tombeau de Couperin" is my enduring desert island solo piano composition, but if I had to nominate just one movement for the sake of the five minute requirement it would be the Forlane. There's a whole world in there.
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Thank you for this; it prompted me to spend the end of the workday listening to all the Brahms piano intermezzos that YouTube could queue.
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My desert island piano piece is Satie’s Gymnopedies No 1, which is so cliche, but it’s cliche because it’s so great.

I listen to a tremendous amount of new piano music, and my favorite living pianist is Nils Frahm. Felt, Screws, and All Melody are among, IMO, the best piano records in history.
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Thank you
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It's not 5 minutes ... I wish it were ... but all those picks can only wish they were burnished in the same moonlight as Moment Musicaux N°3.

And just to prove what a reactionary I've become: from that NYTimes list (and it's *a lot* more than 5 minutes!), listen to the second movement of Beethoven #32. Even Buddha had to reincarnate again because he forgot to.
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My brother was a professional pianist, killed by an inattentive driver 10 years ago Sunday. I'd give anything to hear him play anything again on the piano. Alas, recordings are all I have.

I'll listen to the entries in the Times article on Sunday, will think of my brother, and open a beer that he would have approved of.
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Thanks! I found some more good music.

Regarding music I've already heard many times, it was good to see Solace (by Scott Joplin) listed, especially since it lasts a good bit longer than 5 minutes.
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Yeah, I listened to them all but I listened to Solace twice.
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