"Green Balloons is every version of myself that I've been so far" -Tank
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New Orleans' Tank and the Bangas (previously) are back to NPR with a first listen of their sophmore album, Green Balloons. NPR's summary is that this is "music without boundary on instruments ranging from sax, flute, cello, vocal scratches, keyboards, synths, real drums, fake drums, a djembe and, of course, the poetry, philosophy, comedy and voice that is Tarriona "Tank" Ball," who called the new album the older sister to the prior album, Think Tank (YouTube playlist; official links to other platforms).
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If you're looking for even more from Tank and the Bangas (or come to this thread in a week, only to find the album preview is gone), you can browse their official videos on their YouTube channel.
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They're playing in August with Violent Femmes, De La Soul, Mr. Jeff Tweedy, Iron & Wine, etc, etc, in my tiny town in the middle of nowhere.

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humboldt32, I WANT TO GO THERE. And kids under 13 are free? Yeah, I wanna make that happen (but I won't, because of logistics and other sorts of reality).

On the new album, the sheer scale of it is impressive -- 17 songs, featuring 75 minutes of roughly 30 creative souls, recorded in nearly 10 studios.

This is more impressive with the recent flood of short albums, many running under 30 minutes (Junkee review of the best 30 under 30 from 2018).
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I'll be honest, I'm priced out of attending. Luckily, I'll miss it during our part of the year we spend living in Europe.
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Tank and the Bangas
5/4/19 NO Jazz Fest
Acura Stage 1:40-2:40PM
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I am liking this, a lot.
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One thing I love about the digital music age is how generous musicians are with their music. This is 17 tracks, y'all! And it's so good!

Also, I've just loved watching their career bloom. I voted for them for the Tiny Desk concert and now they're here! I'm so happy for them; their success is well-deserved.
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