Militarized cetaceans - Russian reconnaissance and more
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Evidence suggests that the Russian Navy has been looking for new ways to leverage what amounts to the original underwater "drone"—militarized cetaceans. Norwegian fishermen discovered a friendly beluga whale in the Barents Sea off the northeast coast of Norway on April 25. Belugas are native to the Barents, so the whale's presence wasn't the surprise—the surprise was that it was fitted with a camera harness with Russian markings. (YouTube) Ars Technica coverage, with more stories of Russian and Soviet military use of whales and dolphins, and a reference to the U.S. Navy Marine Mammal Program.
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I like to think he was freed by a friendly Latvian narwhal.
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If you were wondering if whales can be spies, twitter's @awhalefact has weighed in.
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That’s it. Teach cetaceans a) about weapons and b) new reasons to hate us. That’ll go well.
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What a nice whale. It really didn't like it when they reached for the harness though.
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What a great way to whip up right wing fear against marine mammals, so the thousands of porpoises and small whales washing up dead on the beaches won't cause a hitch in oil exploration
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Does Norway have a process for handling asylum requests from ceteceans?
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