"dark ruby red in color … and valued at $1 million"
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On a rainy afternoon in September 2018, the FBI gathered national media in its Minnesota headquarters for an important announcement. Jill Sanborn, special agent in charge of the Minneapolis division, stood in front of a packed room and said, “We’re here today to share with you the recovery of one of the most significant and cherished pieces of movie memorabilia in American history: Dorothy’s ruby slippers from the 1939 movie ‘The Wizard of Oz.’ ”
The Case of the Stolen Ruby Slippers
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What an amazing story! I must post this to Metafilter right away! Oh, wait...
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So relieved they're back! What, the rest of you haven't been to Grand Rapids?!
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Not quite back yet: As for the slippers, they aren’t home yet — wherever home winds up being. They remain in evidence with the FBI. For the Grand Rapids police, though, it feels like a conclusion.
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As for the slippers, they aren’t home yet

Well geez, just click the heels together three times.
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Minnesota? I would have looked somewhere in the west.
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I think it’s obvious who took them. “I can’t wait forever to get those shoes!”
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It is believed that at least six or seven pairs of the final design were made. According to producer Mervyn LeRoy, "We must have had five or ten pairs of those shoes". The wardrobe woman who worked on the film claimed "six identical pairs" had been made. Four pairs used in the movie have been accounted for....

One pair, known as "the People's Shoes", is on public display at the Smithsonian Institution. According to Smithsonian magazine, however, the shoes do not belong together; their actual mates are the mismatched pair (left sized 5C, right 5BC) that was stolen in 2005 and recovered in 2018.

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Good Lord at how tiny her feet were.

I'm sure I'm not the only kid who was transfixed by the glitter of the ruby slippers. I went through a childhood phase where I watched at least some of that movie every day. Generally, I don't understand the motives of stolen-art collectors, unless the pieces are bound up as assets in the underworld. Art can't be melted down; what would the ultimate holder do with such things? But I can easily imagine someone who was rich and lonely enough to want to hold that glitter in their hands.
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♫ It really was no miracle. What happened was just this:
Some twit had snatched the kitsch, then split like Spitz.
And suddenly the Feds had found they hit a hitch.
Just then, a snitch, to satisfy an itch, came in to drop a dime, in hope that they’d get rich. ♫♪
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