And Two of Them Eschew Hair Straightening
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this is awesome. teen miss is so adorable!

I don't judge anyone for what they do with their own bodies. dye, straighten, bleach, don't! shave, wear makeup, heels, don't! who cares? its your body and your self to express as you like.

what I don't like is when people are made to feel obligated to groom, dress and present themselves a particular way due to external pressure or judgement. so yay!! I love this. there are many many types of beauty in the world and we should celebrate them all.
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This is one of those places where my brain fights with itself. Because on the one hand, beauty pageants are still weird and objectifying and on the other hand, yay for representation and recognizing a broader spectrum of beauty.

In the end, the 'yay!' side of my brain is winning, because these women obviously valued this experience enough to compete and it's great that they were recognized in a way they likely would not have been in the past.
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Watch for this to be used as evidence that racism is over.
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Love it! And go Miss Teen USA from Connecticut!
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you may not judge, but the world does. These women made conscious choices to celebrate their authentic selves which is an act of subtle defiance against discrimination. This is awesome!
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So, we're OK with beauty pageants that parade young, thin, pretty, never married, never pregnant, women across the stage as long as black women have a fair chance of taking the crown?

That is one very narrow definition progress.
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Yeeah, I'm a black woman who is fine with the whole thing going the way of the dinosaur. If you want a "scholarship program", create a real one, if you want to see hot chix, go do it, it's bizarre to intertwine the two.
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I'm not OK with beauty pageants. But I'm also not OK with beauty pageants that uphold white beauty as a standard. I'd be OK if beauty pageants went the way of the dinosaur as well, but as long as there's still an audience for them, it's nice to see black women being celebrated. Or is that not what is happening here? Sure, it's superficial. But, why get down on this so hard? Just like the Oscar's. They're not necessary but does that mean we don't care if POC are represented or not? Surely we're not in a post-racial America but many Americans wanted to argue we were during the eight years Obama was president... remember those years? So, this post is hardly trying to define away the fact that we are in a racist society still and that we still have progress to make. I don't think beauty pageants should be a huge indicator either way.
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