"In a way, murdering a village is like a breakup, probably."
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Was Hidetaka Miyazaki's brutal classic Bloodborne inspired by Ween's 1997 alt-rock record The Mollusk? Yes, clearly, and here's the proof.
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this is my first article and I appreciate it ending up here, thanks Rorgy!
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I also once got stoned this much.

I developed a theory that the Star Wars series was actually the Jedi from the deep past sending an autonomous bomb across a journey through time to eventually find and end the Empire. This bomb was not a time traveler, but was quite intelligent and able to manipulate those around it into moving it ever more slowly toward its final goal. It didn't look or act like a bomb, but everyone it came in contact with was either fortuitously or unconsciously or being subconsciously made to help the bomb get to where it would end itself and destroy the long-lived Evil that was at the heart of the galaxy.

This bomb was R2D2.

And it made sense! It made so much sense it actually changed the way I saw the Star Wars movies. It could also still be the real plot -- we have one more in the series!

Also, The Mollusk is an album I get obsessed with every couple of years. I'm not in the mood right now so I will forego listening at this time. But I will come back to it soon, thanks to this mention of it here. Thanks for posting!
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The Mollusk is, like much of Ween's catalog, something you really have to be in the mood for. But it's a hell of a thing.
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