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Charly Bliss's sophomore album Young Enough came out today. Stereogum says it's ' paradoxically one of the heaviest and lightest albums of the year, wrapping hard truths and vivid pain in layers of bubblegum'. MTV calls it "resilient pop, and achingly nostalgic rock". Paste called their previous albumm Guppy a perfect… 10-track blast of sweetly serrated pop-rock supercharged with punky energy and plentiful hooks. Eva Hendricks, the lead singer and songwriter, writes love songs about her therapist. Their guitarist is Dash from The Incredibles. They might be just what you need right now.
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As a side-note, I think it's cool that Eva is playing a St. Vincent signature guitar in the video for Hard to Believe.
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I love Charly Bliss and this new album is so good!! Thanks for all the fun links!
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This post being directly next to the post about the blue album seems very fitting.
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I'm having a difficult time with the new record - mostly because their first album just worked so goddamn well for me (and still does) - but I'm at least warming up to it more with every listen.

Anyway, I'm happy it seems to resonant with so many people (not every record has to be for me) because they're a great and charming band.

In conjunction with the new record, they've launched CBTV [YouTube] "a 24 hour stream of 100% never-before-seen Charly Bliss footage". I wanted to have a quick look before to find out about the new album and instead ended up watching a half-hour long story about the guitarist Spencer Fox secretly starting a side-project as a DJ. Drama (and hilarity) ensued! As I've said: what a charming band.
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Love them! Some other things:

30 min on Audiotree Live

I was introduced to them because of this cover of Steal My Sunshine, which totally rocks out at the end.
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Excited to listen to the new record and seeing them live Monday.

Mainly I'm still mildy depressed by an interview they did when thry talked about the film Josie and the Pussycats (a film I saw and loved the year before I went to university) being a formative influence on them - when they were, like, five. Sob.
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They are excellent live, so if they’re near you, go.
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I have never heard of this band.

This is not my style of music.

I can't stop listening.
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Someone once described this band as Tommy Pickles fronting Weezer and... not incorrect.

The results are far more charming than the joke makes it sound, but Eva does have a Rugrats vibe to her voice. Moreso in the previous album than this one.
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Until I saw this post my experience with this band was a muted ad on Instagram. An ad of what I assume is Eva bouncing around wearing glitter make up singing. I assumed Eva was Charly and that she was some sort of new Britney, but I didn’t dare unmute. I’ll check them out now.
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Report from the front line: this band fucken shreds live
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They were excellent and indeed shred.
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Very very late to this thread, but Charly Bliss is a goddamn great band, and the new album is like a quantum leap forward. I've had the thing on repeat for like two weeks now.
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Ipsifendus, I loved Guppy so hard. And my first listen to Young Enough left me a little cold. But holy cow something grabbed me the second or third time, and now I'm obsessed. Every time through something new comes up. I was telling a friend that I never understood what people meant when they said a band matured with album X, but I get it now.
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