“...everything that can be modded now at some point has Thomas in it.”
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Why are people modding Thomas the Tank Engine into video games? [The Face] “One of the video game modding community’s odder recent crazes is replacing characters in game worlds with Thomas the Tank Engine – the ”Really Useful” children's TV character now owned by toy company Mattel. The first of these highly unofficial mods arrived for Bethesda’s fantasy epic The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim in 2013, morphing its roaming dragons into airborne, fire-breathing locomotives. Other victims of the trend include Rockstar’s top-selling Grand Theft Auto V, FromSoftware’s gloomy ninja adventure Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and Capcom’s flashy remake of zombie horror classic Resident Evil 2.”
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I'm really looking forward to the Thomas The Tank Engine edit of the final season of Game of Thrones. If it's done carefully, maybe it will have the potential to heal wounds and bring fans together collectively with a cogent version of events that actually makes some sort of sense in terms of character arcs and military strategy. 😅
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The Skyrim/Thomas the Tank Engine mod was discussed previously here, I think, but the link is now dead.
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I think this is a version of the video posted in that previous link, but at this late date who knows?
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We need to go far more retro (to 1960s toy standards) with Mr. Machine mods.
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Bob the Builderborne
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“Until you place your hand in my side, Thomas, you will not believe.”

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Beats teapots - while keeping a very British feel.
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Is this where some sadist drops a link to the Shed 17 video? Resident Evil seems not far off.
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GTA FTW why do you think they call him thomas the TANK engine?????
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Thamos the Titan Engine
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Imagining a underground cult game where loveably evil Thomas runs around crushing Teletubbies, purple dinosaurs and 100000 points for squishing Elmo.
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Obligatory: Biggie Smalls feat. Thomas the Tank Engine
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For me, the true apex of the genre is when they mashed up Thomas with DMX in that Resident Evil mod, as seen in the second video of this tweet thread.

(chef's kiss) Art.
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Oh my GOD, offalark. Cried laughing.

I can't believe my husband already KNEW this was a thing and never sent me any videos. It's really making me question the very foundations of our relationship.
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The juxtaposition! Is too much!
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Thomas the Tank Engine, First of His Gauge, Hero of Shining Time Station and the Railway Series, Protector of the Anthropomorphized Locomotives and the Island of Sodor, the Tooter of Steam, Best Friend of Percy and Toby, the Really Useful, the Un-Derailed.
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Is this a NUMTOT thing?
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Somebody I know who works on Thomas said that Mattel may not be making more seasons, since toy sales are down.

I remain skeptical. How can you stop when you're already 23 series in?
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I laughed at that video so hard I thought my eyeballs were going to pop out.
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This sounds like a labor intensive meme.
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Was expecting some 'Ultimate Skyrim'..
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oh, I am a little disappointed in the video of the Skyrim mod.

I was envisioning a long train with lots of cars snaking through the sky.

Also I refuse to believe there isn't a Doom wad for this.
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